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New Technology to Check Out at Your University

New Technology to Check Out at Your University
Posted By: Rayanne Morriss on January 19, 2021

The image source is Pexels.

Unlike before, technology is now entwined with everything you do. From how you live, interact with others, and most importantly, learn. With technology becoming a fundamental requirement in every industry, universities have to implement the latest technology to make sure that you are fully baked to join the workforce. While there have been so many inventions in the recent past, here is a list of new technology to check out at your university.

  1. Digital Textbooks

Though you might be familiar with e-reading, digital textbooks are also becoming increasingly popular. The good thing with a digital textbook is that you can download it instantly and access all the information you need. Digital textbooks are also relatively cheaper than conventional textbooks, allowing you to save significantly. Furthermore, you can find more interactive textbooks, allowing you to get a personalized learning experience. For instance, your professor or instructor can digitally monitor your progress and develop a tailor-made approach to help in areas you could be struggling with. You also get a chance to save the environment as paper products are responsible for tons of waste in landfills.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has greatly influenced people’s lives worldwide, from simple tasks like requesting an Uber to highly sophisticated tasks. As more and more universities embrace artificial intelligence, yours too, could make a move, which would greatly influence your learning experience. To start with, AI algorithms would help to personalize learning and deliver the content ideal for you. Unlike a “one module guide for all” approach, individualized learning aims at understanding the unique strengths and weaknesses of a student before curating content. Even better, with artificial intelligence, you can attend lessons anytime from anywhere, giving you the much-needed flexibility.

  1. Research Technologies

While in university, you probably have done a couple of exciting projects for research purposes. At the end of your project, you need to make a presentation to a panel or in front of the entire classroom. While doing so, wireless presentation technology comes in handy. Say, for example, you have been doing some research revolving around lithium tri-borate (LBO).

You might need to project your work on a vast screen as you explain LBO’s desirable features as a non-linear optical material. Your University can also buy lithium tri-borate (LBO) crystals for research and development. With wireless presentation technologies, you can carry a device of your choice, such as a smartphone or laptop that contains your research, and share your screen using Wi-Fi or other wireless technologies. Most importantly, since you won’t require any cables, you won’t be restricted to the presentation podium.

  1. Nudge Tech

Your university could use nudge technology to impact your behavior. For instance, the school could use nudge tech to establish good study behavior. By applying nudge to already existing edtech, you and other students can certainly optimize performance. Think of it like an electricity bill that rates you against your neighbors. If you realize that your consumption is way higher than that of your neighbors, you might decide to come up with ways to cut down on your usage. Typically, nudge technology uses data analytics and AI to predict behavior. Consequently, the school can focus on critical patterns in student behaviors and deploy staff to intervene if need be.

  1. LiveBinders

In the recent past, the internet has become a crucial part of university education. You find that most teachers prefer to share study materials and lesson plans online. The problem is how you can put all these materials in one place for easy retrieval. The answer is LiveBinders, a free online bookmarking site. With this resource, you can store all your materials and share them with others easily.

  1. Smart Campus

With universities facing stiff competition for students, they have no choice but to improve the overall student experience. One way to ensure that their students get the best experience is to use networked technologies to facilitate collaboration, commonly referred to as a smart campus. Through technology, your university can connect systems such as lighting, door locks, and appliances to create a harmonious environment for you and other staff members. Besides, smart campus technology also makes it easier for you to collaborate with other students and carry out different tasks, such as making payments at the school cafeteria.

The Golden Age of Technology

Although transitioning from conventional teaching methods can cost your school a hefty amount, it is a worthy investment. Not only does it become more comfortable for them to run the institution, but you also have the best university experience.

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