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Posted By: Joel Savage on August 19, 2021

Every human being is the author of his own health or disease

There is an invincible war that should have been a genuine war to heal the world by fighting against crimes against humanity, that continues to take its toll on communities and people around the world today.

Unfortunately, that's not happening, in fact, what the whole world is experiencing today is the fight against the truth to establish evil as a means of rulership in this world. When we were children we were punished for the wrong we did, yet today, many children have grown up to be political monsters and assassins.

Authorities are now targetting both genuine health writers and health blogs because authentic genuine health articles are threats to them. They have lied and committed so many crimes against humanity that they feel threatened.

They think the best way to solve this problem is to declare war on genuine health writers and destroy their health blogs. To destroy a health blog over five years is a stupid thing to do because the traces of its links are still available.

This is enough to let people around the world know that there is something sinister going on against humanity and the authorities, the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, and politicians don't want them to know. That's how people start to plot evil things in mind against authorities.

Those who have power use them against the vulnerable people who have no means to protect themselves. They do it because the **** can't do anything about it, however, in this life, whatever evil a man sows, the same he shall reap.

Since I was born, I have never heard that someone planted an apple and reaped oranges. Whatever evil you sow or do against someone, you may feel very happy about it but before you leave this **** and corrupt world to your grave, you'll get your reward.

The world is rapidly changing, therefore, this is the time for people that have pleasure for wickedness to think carefully. When someone becomes a **** of oppression or when the fundamental human rights of people are abused. When it reaches a point they can't take anymore, they will explode.

When that **** occurs, nothing can save humanity. The white man will bring his cannon and sophisticated modern guns to arrest the situation, yet the force of the angry people will crush the force of the government.

Therefore, this is the time governments need to be careful because people are fed up and angry in their homes. The power that you are using today to victimize others, will be in the hands of others, tomorrow, and you will suffer the same fate.

Nobody is born to be a criminal, drug addict, terrorist, or serial ****, there is certain psychological torture which probably they were exposed to from childhood, which leads them to be different people living in society committing heinous crimes.

So world leaders, politicians, every organization and company, abetting, aiding, and supporting crimes against humanity, be very careful. Because when your night turns to broad daylight, you'll be exposed to millions around the world.

That time, there is nothing you can do to regain your integrity, your reputation will be ruined forever. No one fights the truth to be successful in life, the same way, darkness can't conquer the bright sunlight.

When something terrible happens to people, they turn to ask God- Why me? You need to check yourself and you'll quickly find out the reason you encountered such a catastrophic life experience.

In this world, we came **** and we shall leave **** without taking a penny, therefore, do to your brother and sister what you wouldn't like anyone to do to you to be a happy and healthy person.

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