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4 Summer Camps That Specialize in STEAM Learning

4 Summer Camps That Specialize in STEAM Learning
Posted By: Anita Ginsburg on March 21, 2022

Even when children are out of school it's important that they continue to keep their minds sharp with fun activities that are also social and educational. STEAM (Science,Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) camps are a great alternative to staying at home or traditional summer school. In these camps, children are taught social skills as well as educational topics that can assist them for a lifetime. Here are 4 summer camps that specialize in STEAM learning.

Camp Galileo McClean: Washington DC Metro

Camp Galileo McClean at the Langley School offers a STEAM program from June 20 to July 29 for first through sixth grade students. Classes are held daily from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and focus on hands-on learning and experience. Camp Galileo McClean is located in the Washington DC Metro area.
Insights: El Paso, Texas

Insights offers a well-rounded summer camp program that includes curriculum such as robotics, coding, circuitry and engineering design, and even amusement park engineering. The program is held in El Paso, Texas. Enrollment is around $60 per student, however cost can vary depending on variations in length of program selected.

More About STEAM Summer Camps

Summer camps can be in-person or online-only or both combined, and offer interactive, hands-on curriculum with critical engagement and teamwork learning opportunities woven into their programs. STEAM topics are designed to encourage young people to understand how science and art work together, not against one another, and to help them find joy in associated lines of careers.

STEAM summer camps not only provide children with opportunities to actively build their career-building potential, but they also give them the chance to meet other children outside their usual circles and make friendships that may last a lifetime. They get to build their character, confidence, and interpersonal skillsets in a way that is fun and educational. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the new skills and talents your child takes away from a STEAM summer camp.

Bridgeway Academy: Online
Bridgeway Academy, an accredited homeschooling resource, offers an online STEAM summer camp for the homeschool family for students ranging from 9-14 years old. The program lasts two weeks (10 days) and the cost is $20.

Planet Bravo: California & Online
Finally, Planet Bravo offers their self-proclaimed "techno-tainment" STEAM summer camps in ten locations in California, plus online. The program sports an 8:1 student to teacher ratio, with a focus on outside time (sports and physical fitness) as well as learning in the classroom. Tuition rates start at $299 per week and vary by dates of registration. Discounts, such as subsequent sibling registration and early bird specials, and scholarships are also available.

While we've highlighted these 4 summer camps that specialize in STEAM learning, STEAM camps and programs can be found almost everywhere you go. Learning about science, engineering, art, tech, and math is a broad scope, and it's important for kids to understand how these topics are interwoven into everyday life and doing so will help them become well-rounded, successful individuals with a skillset they can take with them anywhere.
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