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Whoopi and Jesse Jackson’s Actions Are Unacceptable (2364 hits)

Though he has issued a formal apology for his use of the n-word, Reverend Jesse Jackson’s actions were irresponsible, incomprehensible, and reflect poorly upon him as a supposed role model for today’s African American youth. And to compound this issue even more, Thursday, July 17, 2008 on ABC's "The View" Whoopi Goldberg sang praises to the n-word before a national television audience of millions of people. Not only did she devalue herself—as she is an African-American, but also the sacred memories and history of her ancestry, and the black community in general. This type of behavior is totally unexpected of such influential African Americans and completely unacceptable by any African American.

Today, in this 21st century, the n-word has been reduced to being only a racial slur—in that it solely refers to one’s complexion, and none of the struggle, strife, degradation, and dishonor that pieced together the very foundation of the term. Thus, in this light, some people believe that the word can be desensitized; metamorphosed into this acceptable, unsubstantially mind-controlling term; and embraced by all. These same people believe that the n-word is just a word, no different from any other negative word. However, they are wrong.

I challenge anyone to take any word in the English language, pit it against the n-word—300-plus diabolical years of heinous acts, mental and physical bondage of a people, and tell me unequivocally and without a single doubt in your heart that neither of the terms is any worse than the other…Impossible. “N**ger” is the most infamous, profane word in the English language.

Although I do not, in any way, attempt to diminish any other race’s struggles, no other term—whether it be a racial slur—equals that of the n-word. N**ger(a), because of the historical baggage and true purpose at its core, cannot be stripped down to only a racial slur that chunks ridicule at one’s outer skin tone. Color is where it starts, true, but beneath the thin layer of skin, just as beneath the earth’s thin crust, an extremely complex mechanic ferociously works to fulfill a higher-level, long-term, incomprehensible plot—one above that which can be seen by the naked eye.

White America claimed that the slaves were subhuman; three-fifths of a human; lesser than a brute animal; bestial and savage. This very definition, therefore, gave them the right to dehumanize the slaves by slaughtering, butchering, and maiming them; brutally raping slave wives and daughters; executing mental genocide on a race of people; sodomizing with hot pokers; boiling and burning alive innocent people; disemboweling and castrating young men; and unmercifully beating ascendants until slivers of skin, shown to the red meat, dangled from their bodies—only to be met with more unbearable pain as the ridiculers poured whiskey and kerosene on the open wounds. As the victimized gasped for their last breath, they heard the jeers of “n**ger, n**ger, n**ger” in their final moment.

For those who say this glimpse into the past is nothing more than a hyperbole of America’s racist mentality that prevailed for more than 300 years, they do not have to look any further than the recent West Virginia, Megan Williams case of kidnapping, raping and torturing to realize that this is not an exaggeration and that racism, and its foundation logic of mental enslavement, is still alive and well.

The n-word cannot be sanitized, cleansed, inverted, or redeemed as a culturally liberating word. The argument that the n-word can be changed into this endearing and meaningless term is a fallacy of enormous proportions—regardless to who utilizes the term or the excuse for its use. It is impossible to undo all that was executed upon African-American ancestors, so why would one believe that they could miraculously transform the meaning of the term and disregard all of the indignity attached to the idiom?

All African Americans should regard the argument for transforming the n-word as an insult to their intelligence. Regardless to how the word is used today, its sinister and evil history cannot be eradicated, transformed or successfully redefined. The term will always suggest that black people are second-class citizens, ignorant and less than human; proponents’ use of the term implies that they have accepted their role as such, and informs others that it is okay to live up to the definition and expectations of a “n**ger.”

Whoopi and others like her have forgotten and/or are perhaps blissfully ignorant to the pain, sacrifices, life and death struggles of their ascendants and how they survived tremendous obstacles, trials and tribulations. Embracing the n-word is an effrontery to her ancestors’ glorious legacy, a mockery of their memories. N-word supporters fail to understand their affect on the minds of today’s youth with their deleterious dysfunction and culturally degrading acceptance of this word.

The n-word is a surviving remnant of a psychological warfare conducted to create dependency and behaviors that support achievement of a devious national objective: mental enslavement of a race of people. It is a passively slick form of psychological, social, mental, and spiritual abuse that only results in the death and destruction of a race of people at the hand of that race of people—African Americans.
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Thursday, July 31st 2008 at 5:31PM
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I am convinced that Jessie is a blight on our existence sometimes. Not just because the use of the "N" word (especially given the context: Barack imploring us to be responsible), but just because he's Jesse. His presence can be a divisive force, he of the "Hymie-town" slurs. What a dolt.
Thursday, July 31st 2008 at 9:18PM
No word has ever stopped me from accomplishing anything in life. It is the people who make decisions in this world and I am not about to partake in marketing your bullshytz of a book about a word that originated from Niger. Mr. Smith you still running and dancing! Thanks Irma for having a brain also!
Saturday, August 2nd 2008 at 12:27PM
Time changes many things and minds.Before the government allowed us to be identified as African-Americans they labeled us NEGRO. Calling me Black at this time they could end up hurt, because being called Black was offensive and being called a Negor was acceped!

For me those two words have changed places. Being called negro today is the same as calling me Black back then..I am Black by nature, and proud by choice. No one Black, blue or green can call me unfit or a racist or what ever they want to, but, I will say ***** and not the Nword. I see the "N word" as coming from the White majoritymedia. I am too proud to accapt a Master mentality to give up my rights to be the best person I can be!!!And, to do this only "I" can determine what is right and proper for me as that word is a part of my culture. Try using your "POWERS" of persuations on CNN to do a "White in America". And, show some of those White politicaian in prison who ran on the FAmily, Christian value party base! President Georg Bush can represent the drug addicts. Alcohol is a drug and our president is an alcholic. Show the Bush girls and the police ,etc. This is called EQUALITY!!!Oh, and if they want to go back then President JFK was a 'hard'drug addict!!!Black people did not kill Jesus. Lets use real things and truth this time, but then this would make the _____in America mute wouldn't it????

And, that is not only what J Jaclson represents, hee has been doing what the CNN special did for years and years on CNnN and all of the rest of the media TV outlets!

See how far we as a people have come? Jesse Jaclson's chickens seem like they are coming home to roost and i will be less afraid of being atttacked for speaking this truth about him after your honesty,Isaac(smile)
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
Almost forgot, Mr.smith, please kick me, my children, my grandchildren and all of the generations of "US" "no good" Black people bringing down the Black race Kick us right our of your 'race's'version of what is a "valued,constructive" protectors of being Black and proud . P-L-E-A-S-E, ASAP
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
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