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B Mitchell B Mitchell
Florida A&M University
General Studies
Class of 1976
Okereke  Vincent Chisom Okereke Vincent Chisom
- College Not Listed -
Urban Planning
Class of 2019
Ronnie Johnson Ronnie Johnson
Livingstone College
Political Science
Class of 1976
Cathy Owens-Oliver Cathy Owens-Oliver
North Carolina A&T State University
Class of 1998
Brittnie Granville Brittnie Granville
University of Alabama, Huntsville
Class of 2011
Darrius Baker Darrius Baker
Savannah State University
Class of 2014
Edgar Vann Edgar Vann
Morehouse College
Class of 2003
Tammy Patterson Tammy Patterson
Oakwood University
Computer and Information Science
Class of 1986
Idowu Damilare Idowu Damilare

Computer and Information Science
Class of
Allie  Walker Allie Walker
Purdue Univ
Mass Media Arts
Class of 2022

HBCU Scholarships

HBCU Scholarships


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Ry Cosey
 Ry Cosey (2010)
Veronica Johnson
 Veronica Johnson (2005)
Devin Runnels
 Devin Runnels (2017)
shelby blake
 shelby blake (2010)
Latrice Mack
 Latrice Mack (2006)
 ullonda (2006)
 Cleveland (1980)
Chantay Bess
 Chantay Bess (2008)
Tauria  Cox
 Tauria Cox (2026)
Diamond Jones
 Diamond Jones (2013)
Janell Sharp
 Janell Sharp (2010)
Corey L Pierce
 Corey L Pierce (2007)
LaShonda Toney
 LaShonda Toney (2008)
Itua O.
 Itua O. (2008)
tiara davis
 tiara davis (2022)
Briana Hernandez
 Briana Hernandez (2020)
Brittani Rogers
 Brittani Rogers (2019)
Shavon Franklin
 Shavon Franklin (2010)
Chloe Jourdan
 Chloe Jourdan (2012)
Adam Gause
 Adam Gause (2007)

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