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Jackie Bell
Location: Chester, PA United States
Birthday: Sep 24th
Joined: Dec 27th, 2005
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Howard University class of 2010
Undergrad Major: Business Administration
High School: Chester High School in , class of 2006
Best Memories:
just hanging around friends,who's who of the year book
Attention Howard University Students Attention Howard University Students
To all people who already attend Howard University how do u get some money out of howard. I have tried other options for loans but keep getting denied. I know howard has some money who can I talk to t ...more
Posted by Jackie Bell on July 10th, 2006 • 213 Views
Freshmen registration Freshmen registration
Today starts freshmen online registration. Has anyone registered yet if so post your classes. R u happy with ur classes let us know ...more
Posted by Jackie Bell on July 10th, 2006 • 208 Views
Running out of choices Running out of choices
Ok im running out of options I need to get a loan but I also need a co signer and everyone that says yes they cant get approved. I have one more person in mind and if that doesnt work I dont know what ...more
Posted by Jackie Bell on July 4th, 2006 • 216 Views
July 10 starts online registration July 10 starts online registration
All Howard freshmen can start online registration 4 classes on july 10 but my question is are they gonna send us a catalog book or something. Does anybody have any ideas? ...more
Posted by Jackie Bell on July 2nd, 2006 • 217 Views
My Groups
06 Howard Recruits!
I attend/will be attending the Best HBCU!!!
Grown N SEXY/ Money Makers/Business People
Nextel Churp
Da Teens Club
Jay-Z fans
Guestbook Comments
shawtie you got a donk on you can iahve those seven things
Tagged by anthony suber on 02/15/2008  
just comin through to show sum of that HBCU luv!! (Return tha favor) Holla at cha gurl!!
Tagged by Alexandria Brasfield on 08/03/2006  
HI!! im just passing through showing some love! Have a great summer!!......www.
Tagged by Chuichi Lee on 07/25/2006  
Thanx for tha add, just showing sum love from a future pirate♥Ashley♥
Tagged by Ashley Thompson on 07/24/2006  
hey the classes i am taking are math, freshman seminar, sociology, political science, spanish 3, woodwind ensemble and freshman composition IF U HAVENT REGISTERED FOR YOUR CLASSES U NEED @ GET TO IT CLASSES ARE FILLING QUICKLY> c u
Tagged by Kanesha Hunt on 07/13/2006  
hey girl just stoppin by to show some love...hope to see u in aug. holla at ay girl.
Tagged by Leslie White on 07/09/2006  
Sup....just returning the luv....I most definitely ready for my experiences at "The Capstone". Make sure to vote for ya boi for Freshman Class President.
Tagged by Jerome Brooks on 07/06/2006  
Whats Up. I see u reppin the mecca so i had to get down. Keep ya head up until August 19th. Bison Pride
Tagged by Jarvis Seegars on 07/06/2006  
yea im gettin there as the weeks go by
Tagged by Joe Phillips on 07/04/2006  
i know people there but i am goin by myself
Tagged by Kiyah Harper on 07/03/2006  
i appreciate the luv sure ima see u around, hope u ready
Tagged by Joe Phillips on 07/03/2006  
yea i was thinkin the same thing about the micro fridge, because there is no point in having two
Tagged by Kiyah Harper on 07/03/2006  
Sup. Been doin' nothin' but trying to relax and enjoy these last few, slow months. How have you been?
Tagged by Jarrin Moore on 07/03/2006  
well i bought things like a trash can a bathroom rug, hangers, a lamp, like little stuff like that. in the housing package they sent you it gives you a check off list to kinda help you out!
Tagged by Kiyah Harper on 07/02/2006  
how r u sexy,,,,,,,
Tagged by SIE aka george simons on 06/28/2006  
That's what's up girl! The annex wil be jumpin this fall. Keep in touch ~Angi
Tagged by Angi Porter on 06/21/2006  
Well... Do I have a career or should I keep my day job LilSis??? Lol! Peace, William p.s. I'm there in spirit but God 1st if You ever need to holla.
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 06/12/2006  
thanks for the comment!! i'm a little nervous about applying.the college recruit came to my school last year and was basically saying howard is really picky about who the accept.but congrats on getting in!! hope you have fun in the fal
Tagged by Kimberly Myers on 06/11/2006  
Hope You feel better real soon Sis, Isaiah 40:28-31 just for Young people like You... Peace, William
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 06/10/2006  
hey, i'm in the annex too, do you know anything about it, like the bathrooms or anything???
Tagged by Lillia Patterson on 06/08/2006  
hey whats up girlie!!! thanks for the love im throwin' it back at ya' .. I wish I knew what dorm Im going to be in Howard is still sending me threatening letters about my dayum physical
Tagged by COLLEEN THOMAS on 06/06/2006  
hey whats good? um i am going to be in the bethune annex
Tagged by Kiyah Harper on 06/06/2006  
hey girl! just thought i'd stop by and spread some of day HU love. i thought i'd already signed ur g-book, but i guess not. well get back at me when u get a chance and i hope to see you around on campus.
Tagged by Jacquita Haynes on 06/03/2006  
Heyy, juss cumin thru to show u sum luv, and i see we got da same major-daz wassup, but i'll see u in da fall! $Arielle$
Tagged by Arielle West on 05/27/2006
Tagged by SIE aka george simons on 05/27/2006  
well keep in touch and we can always hang!! Especially since we'll both be in the Annex! So i'm guessing you're going to be in the School of B??
Tagged by LaToia Marzette on 05/22/2006  
o ok. yeah space is always good!! and i think i'm gonna be in the quad some too, some of my friends are gonna be in there
Tagged by LaToia Marzette on 05/18/2006  
Tagged by SIE aka george simons on 05/18/2006  
Tagged by SIE aka george simons on 05/18/2006  
not really, i wanted to be in the Quad of course, but i'm kinda happy I'm in the Annex cuz of the space and other stuff. what about you??
Tagged by LaToia Marzette on 05/18/2006  
Hi, just passin thru! Hope to see you in the halls of the Annex next fall or in the yard!! can't wait...keep in touch!!
Tagged by LaToia Marzette on 05/17/2006  
hey jackie! congrats on goin to howard! hope to meet u in the fall!!
Tagged by ashley collier on 05/16/2006  
HEY I just wanted to say hi because I will be coming into Howard as a freshman next year.
Tagged by Amelia Kennedy on 05/14/2006  
hope u get that scholarship SOON !! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@
Tagged by SIE aka george simons on 05/13/2006  
they didn't say much they just asked if i was a transfer or a freshman and then that room assignments should be comming soon so i guess they will probably be here by the end of may or sometime in june. But no i'm not going r u?
Tagged by lateaqua alston on 05/12/2006  
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