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Diva J
Location: Tampa, FL United States
Birthday: Nov 23rd
Joined: Jun 26th, 2006
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
Tampa, FL
Education   (request update)
Howard University class of 2010
Undergrad Major: Journalism
Claim To Fame:
Successful TV/Radio Personality
Most Memorable Moment:
Orientation... that is as far as I have gotten
Why Don't I HAVE A Scholarship?.... HU Financial Why Don't I HAVE A Scholarship?.... HU Financial
I graduated with a GPA of a 6.0 on a 4.0 scale and received no financial assistance as far as scholarships go, from Howard. Every other organization who offered a scholarship chose me as their recepie ...more
Posted by Diva J on June 30th, 2006 • 328 Views
Should I try out for the Bisonette Dance Team? Should I try out for the Bisonette Dance Team?
I am an experienced dancer and I definately want to continue my dancing career, I have heard about the HU Bisonette squad and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to try out for my freshman year ...more
Posted by Diva J on June 26th, 2006 • 268 Views
Remember where you come from? Remember where you come from?
I want start by apologizing to all of my dedicated readers. It has been a while since I have written however, “Life has finally begun to reveal itself to me.” I want to let you know exactly what I me ...more
Posted by Diva J on June 26th, 2006 • 207 Views
Hey I'm New! Hey I'm New!
Hello everyone, I just wanted to intoduce myself, I am Diva J from Tampa, FL and I am excited AND ready to leave and go to HOWARD!!!... I am majoring in Journalism so if there are any SCOM students ou ...more
Posted by Diva J on June 26th, 2006 • 282 Views
My Groups
I attend/will be attending the Best HBCU!!!
Best lookiong in the c/o 2010
Grown N SEXY/ Money Makers/Business People
06 Howard Recruits!
HBCU Dymes
HBCU Models
Miss SexyWoman's Club
HBCU Fashionistas
black is beautiful!
Dance/Flag Line
Dance Fever 101
Guestbook Comments
hey how are you doing?
Tagged by zachery gauthier on 10/29/2008  
Just wanted to stop by and show you some JSU luv. Have a wonderful week. Peace
Tagged by bob Brown on 05/29/2007  
Showing some Bulldog Luv!!!
Tagged by Desmond Cato on 05/07/2007  
Thanks for joining Dance/Flag Line....Gonna put new stuff up so check it out
Tagged by Antonia Nwankwo on 12/28/2006  
Hey Diva...just wanted to show you some love...How do you like Howard?
Tagged by Corden Kane on 11/19/2006  
Congrats on being accepted! Wanted to show some bison love!
Tagged by Sharelle Johnson on 08/31/2006  
hey baby evrything goin pretty good so far. cant wait to see you on our special day. i hope this money stuff goes right. but always remember the one thing you dont have to worry about. (MR. and MRS. Boddie)
Tagged by Marquis Boddie on 08/24/2006  
Hey! We have only 10 more days. I'm glad to know at least 1 more FLA gurl. Well have to KIT. Until next time be blessed!
Tagged by Al D on 08/10/2006  
Hey Miss thang...what a coincedence that I find u on here...Showin that HU love...LESS THAT A WEEK left to starting our journey..!!! -1- -Liah
Tagged by Taliah Graves on 08/07/2006  
hey gurlie...(ex fellow DGem)...dont want to spell it out we never know whos lurking around. we're in college now so you kno how that goes. well it was nice to see ya on here
Tagged by Tiffany Marshall on 08/02/2006  
Hey Diva... what's up?? U ready 2 head to the HU? IK i am. Hope 2 c u n da fall!!
Tagged by Shatarra Jackson on 07/29/2006  
how my wifey doin? just showin my baby some love. love you!
Tagged by Marquis Boddie on 07/28/2006  
My summer is okay I have been working alot but Im ready to leave for school how about you
Tagged by Chandra Fleet on 07/26/2006  
Just showing sum luv from a future pirate♥Ashley♥
Tagged by Ashley Thompson on 07/24/2006  
Just returning that Bison luv you showed me
Tagged by David Smith on 07/14/2006  
Hey was good. U ready to head to the HU.
Tagged by Simone Berry on 07/14/2006  
hey baby we still goin to the poetry club tonight, right?
Tagged by Marquis Boddie on 07/11/2006  
I'm just droppin a line to say HI!! Hope to see you at the orientation!
Tagged by Jamila Best on 07/10/2006  
hey just stoppin by to show some love. hope to see u in august.
Tagged by Leslie White on 07/09/2006  
Whats Sup lil buddy Group 10! I like your pics and i cant wait until we check in. Well Until we meet up at the Capstone again its Jammin Jarvis
Tagged by Jarvis Seegars on 07/06/2006  
See you there! We only got about a month and 2 weeks or so. Look forward to it! Annex!!!!!!!!
Tagged by Brieanna Samples-Wright on 07/03/2006  
thats whats up, i bet your happy as hell that you dont have to worry about that! did you have to have the shot before you did it?
Tagged by Kiyah Harper on 07/03/2006  
Whatup girl. just showing the HU luv. hit me back and see you soon
Tagged by Jasmine Moore on 07/03/2006  
hey just showin some 06 bison love its almost time girl r u ready
Tagged by Jackie Bell on 07/03/2006  
man i wish i was able to go, but i had finals around that time so i wouldnt have been able to go! but that is good did they register you for classes?
Tagged by Kiyah Harper on 07/02/2006  
hey, i didnt get to go to pre orientation, but how was it?
Tagged by Kiyah Harper on 07/02/2006  
i'm in the quad...everybody i have met is in the annex just about...but it's cool....i'll come visit lol
Tagged by Whitney Hall on 07/02/2006  
Counting down the days until I'm at the Mecca! Just wanted to meet some fellow Class of 2010 Bison!
Tagged by Aria Reid on 07/01/2006  
I feel ya on that...I'm counting the days!!! Where are you staying in the fall? Well talk to you later..buh bye!
Tagged by Whitney Hall on 07/01/2006  
Hey what's up....I remember you from have you been? Are you ready for school?
Tagged by Whitney Hall on 06/30/2006  
Wassup Ms Diva J? Yeah its not too many ppl from Tampa on here that I met. Thought I'd stop by your page and bless your Gbook. Take care at the fake HU (J/P). One Luv
Tagged by Kedric McKennon on 06/30/2006  
hey just showing you some love back. see you in the fall!
Tagged by Lillia Patterson on 06/28/2006  
Fo sho, you'll see me on the yard. I know i'll see u there too. Keep in touch.
Tagged by Branden D. Bufford (B. BUFF) on 06/28/2006  
thanx for the howard love and yeah go ahead try out for the bisonettes
Tagged by Travis Richardson on 06/28/2006  
i love you too baby. mmwwaaaaahhhhh
Tagged by Marquis Boddie on 06/28/2006  
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