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J. K.
Location: West Chester, PA United States
Joined: Mar 13th, 2003
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
I recently finished my first year of Delaware County Community College, and hopefully my last. I plan to transfer to Coppin State or Morgan State in the fall.
Education   (request update)
Coppin State University class of 2006
Undergrad Major: Graphic Art
Claim To Fame:
My claim to fame, I would have to say is learning who I am. This past year being at community college has taught me a lot. Even though I was supposed to be going away to school, I'm glad that I stayed home this year. I have a baby brother and sister that I was able to get to know this past year, and being with my younger brother means so much to me. Getting to know who I am truly am, and getting closer to God and His Perfect Will this past year has changed me. Also learning what is important in life, my grades over parties.
Most Memorable Moment:
My most memorable people are my baby brother and sister and my grandmother this year.
My Groups
Entrepreneurial Think Tank
Guestbook Comments
Greetings Sis, Pray all is well for You. I wish You the best in All Your Hopes, Dreams, Goals and Endeavors. "God" Bless, Sincerely Rattla Alum. P.S. I am the 3rd William! Lol!
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 12/31/2005  
God bless you and stay strong black woman.
Tagged by William C. Lewis on 03/30/2005  
Hey Queens, keep doing what you are doing. Stay focused and NEVER forget why you are in school. Remember, Boys before books brings babys. take care.
Tagged by William Lyle on 06/15/2004  
Showing some love back to you queen. If you ever in Ohio, gimme a holla. One.
Tagged by Reginald Culpepper on 12/02/2003  
Wazz up, just passin through showin you some VI LUV...
Tagged by Marcel L. Thomas on 09/16/2003  
Good luck on your major girl. May everything you do, work out for the good!
Tagged by Ruby Hallman on 07/17/2003  
Thank you ! I am happy fpr you and I hope that you get what you really want by attending the college of your choice next fall! Stay strong, and blessed!
Tagged by Margeaux on 05/21/2003  
Thanks for the love. Good luck at Coppin, and keep me posted.
Tagged by Daniel Moss on 05/20/2003  
Thanks for the luv. You looked familiar also. I meet so many people at open house it's hard to keep track of them sometimes. I hope you make the good choice and choose us but if not it's still cool, an HBCU is an HBCU. Good Luck!
Tagged by Nickida Charles on 05/19/2003  
Hey whats up!! I'm just returning the holla. Coppin State College Go EAGLES is the best. I love Coppin. It maybe be small but you learn a lot and it is nce seeing black people execlling in education. You should check it out.
Tagged by Tymira Hughey on 05/18/2003  
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