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Q&A With Charles Biggs Jr.

What is your favorite food?
"I have a particular affinity for fine prime steaks and suculently prepared chicken -as well as most pasta dishes. Though I can eat just about anything - I am fundamentally a "meat and potatos" man. And by the way - no hot sauce for me!"

Interviewed by Dominique Jackson 12/10/08

Do You Think People WIll Like You the Same If They Met the "Real" You Instead of Your "Representative"? (The Person that You Want People to Think You
"I find your question intriguing. We each are a combination of many "selves" - all of whom are genuine, and all of whom represent the many different facets of who we truly are. My belief is that even if one contrives a persona - the real you is actually showing through - even if you are not aware of it. All you can truly be - is you. I look forward to discussing this with you at our earliest mutual convenience."

Interviewed by ELISHIA GOLDEN 11/10/08

(interview me)
Charles Biggs Jr.
Sales and Leasing Consultant, Suburban Infiniti of Novi

Location: Detroit, MI United States
Birthday: Dec 16th
Joined: Nov 6th, 2008
About   (request update)
I've been a "car guy" practically since birth - and everything else took off from there.
My Interview Question
What if the "hokey-pokey" really IS what its all about?
Current Whereabouts: We offer Michigan's best selection of new and pre-owned Infiniti models, as well as clean pre-owned high end luxury cars of all makes. Spreading the word about BLASTOFF, and the ever growing opportunities with PRE-PAID LEGAL SERVICES, INC. Networking and providing opportunities for as many as possible to hear Elizabeth Atkins' message that bridges the racial divide, challenges our beliefs about bi-raciality and what is REALLY "black" or "white". Our nation has forever changed - are YOU ready for the future? Contact Charles Biggs - Speaker's Agent at 248-462-4015 or 248-248-1690 or see more info at: AND even more importantly, being the best dad I can be to Charles III, Bradley, Halle, Keane and Brianna Biggs - my amazing children. AND the best possible grand father to Noah James Pomeroy!
Life & Professional Aspirations:
To leave this world at least a little better off than it was when I got here.
Education   (request update)
Fisk University class of 1983
Undergrad Major: Physics
Campus Organization:
Alpha Phi Alpha
Claim To Fame:
Speaker's Agent for Ms. Elizabeth Atkins (Present) Director, Diversity & Inclusion - Corporate Consulting Associates, Inc. (Executive Search firm) 2004 to 2008 Automotive Executive - Product Engineering/Mfg. for GM, Mazda, Ford, Chrysler (1983 - 2001) Automotive Journalist - UPSCALE Magazine, Corporate Detroit, Minority Auto Dealers, Detroit Black Pages and The Pontiac News (1989 - Present) Ebony Magazine "Speaking of People" April, 1991 Extensive tours of Germany and Japan while working with General Motors and Mazda respectively.
Most Memorable Moment:
Completion of my Dual Degree of Mechanical Engineering Degree at Vanderbilt with my Physics Degree at Fisk. Also, stage productions with the Fisk University Stage Crafters, singing with the Vanderbilt University Choir, my time as a jazz DJ and on-air personality with WRFN (now WFSK) radio.
High School: Peabody High School in Pittsburgh, PA class of 1978
Activities & Accomplishments:
Starred in plays including: The Drunkard, The Desparate Hours, and OKLAHOMA!
Best Memories:
I currently work with Suburban Infiniti of Novi as Sales and Leasing Consultant
I have 25 years of experience working in the Sales industry.
My Groups
Alpha Phi Alpha
Guestbook Comments
Hello reaching out to you from Yeadon, Pa. Hello and how are yo udoing tonight sir. find me on facebook Eve So Wonderfully Made.
Tagged by Evelyn Samuel on 06/12/2012  
Forgot to give you my email address -
Tagged by Frederick Simpson on 02/15/2010  
What is going on brother - it has been a long time - here is my cell phone number (323) 241-8045
Tagged by Frederick Simpson on 02/15/2010  
Hello Charles, This is what I'm doing: This is what I'm using for mega traffic:
Tagged by Esther Pinkston on 02/14/2010  
If the "hokey-pokey" really IS what its all about, then ima just have to just turn myself around :)
Tagged by M. Pradia on 09/22/2009  
Thanks for the add, brothergreek! Have a great New Year!
Tagged by Cynthia Bethune on 12/31/2008  
Point of "poking"?
Tagged by Pam Edwards on 11/20/2008  
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