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Freshman Questions Posted on 02-22-2006

I have been accepted and i have no idea which dorm to choose. Which are the top 3 for the females and why?
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lil_sexymochatee replied on 04-27-2006 12:01PM [Reply]
1. merner 2. pfefier(sorry forgot how to spell) 3. bumpstead i spoke to a girl and she was talking to me about the best dorm room and fyi bumpstead in located on the strip so if you dont want the party to come to you dont pick it cause you'll have people from the outside using the restrooms. also i was told that merner and pfefeir was on the same page and they are the nicest but pfefeir has a workout room. also me and my best friend wanted to room together so we put eachother names twice in the spaces just to be sure. i hope everything works out for you. good luck!
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starsuga82 replied on 08-09-2006 03:58AM [Reply]
Holmes and the EAST and West suites are nice. Beware of Ware.
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BmoresBeauty from Baltimore, MD replied on 02-13-2007 06:43PM [Reply]

what is Ware?
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