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Nyah Marshall Nyah Marshall
Howard University
Class of 2022
Imani  Phillips Imani Phillips
Tuskegee University
Chemical Engineering
Class of 2023
Carrington Sherrer Carrington Sherrer
Alabama A&M University
Class of 2022
Allarah Burton Allarah Burton
Alcorn State University
Class of 2023
Melody Pannell Melody Pannell
Virginia Union University
Class of 2015
Candice Lyseight Candice Lyseight
Howard University
Class of 2005
Mamajafali Kaya Mamajafali Kaya
Adams St Col
Textile Engineering
Class of 2017
Iretunde Akinsola Iretunde Akinsola
- College Not Listed -
Computer and Information Science
Class of 2023
Tracie Williams-Algood Tracie Williams-Algood
Shaw University
Business Administration
Class of 1991
William Jackson William Jackson
South Carolina State University
Elementary Education
Class of 1985

HBCU Scholarships

HBCU Scholarships


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Eric Nickerson
 Eric Nickerson (2012)
Quintana Ray
 Quintana Ray (2014)
Precious Lee
 Precious Lee (4)
joe joiner
 joe joiner (2013)
Lindsay Seymour
 Lindsay Seymour (2012)
Patrina Henry
 Patrina Henry (2013)
Karen Keitt
 Karen Keitt (2003)
Tyler Pearson
 Tyler Pearson (2012)
Candace Marsh
 Candace Marsh (2006)
Lorenzo Douglas
 Lorenzo Douglas (2009)
Correll Salter
 Correll Salter (2011)
dee osei
 dee osei (1987)
Breyon Mims
 Breyon Mims (2008)
Des'Mona Barnes
 Des'Mona Barnes (2009)
Ammina Reed
 Ammina Reed (2012)
Tiarra Hickman
 Tiarra Hickman (2018)
Jade Simmons
 Jade Simmons (2006)
Kristina Herring
 Kristina Herring (2011)

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