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Kim Borel Kim Borel
Norfolk State University
Class of 2026
Dee Whethers Dee Whethers

Management Information Systems
Class of 1996
Chelsea Tyus Chelsea Tyus
Alabama A&M University
Food Science
Class of 2009
Byron  Edmond Byron Edmond
Morehouse College
Class of 1986
Emily Holt Emily Holt

Public Relations
Class of
Evan Lynn Fuller Evan Lynn Fuller
Alabama State University
Sport and Leisure Studies
Class of 1990
Michele Barard Michele Barard
- College Not Listed -
International Relations
Class of 1991
Terri Moore Terri Moore
University of NC at Greensboro
Class of 2003
Tamara Hall Tamara Hall
- College Not Listed -
Class of 2009
Peace Enoch Peace Enoch
- College Not Listed -
Business Administration
Class of 2018

HBCU Scholarships

HBCU Scholarships


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Kendall Harris
 Kendall Harris (2016)
Milton Cochran
 Milton Cochran (2007)
Ken Burnett
 Ken Burnett (2013)
Martha Cameus
 Martha Cameus (2007)
Nashaya Hampton
 Nashaya Hampton (2016)
Jessica Garcia
 Jessica Garcia (2007)
Tracian Morgan
 Tracian Morgan (2004)
Daquan Brown
 Daquan Brown (2012)
Kiara Tuberville
 Kiara Tuberville (2018)
Marlo Thomas
 Marlo Thomas (1994)
Tristan French
 Tristan French (2011)
Derique Williams
 Derique Williams (2010)
Reyana Johnson
 Reyana Johnson (2014)
Keandra Diggs
 Keandra Diggs (2013)
Tiara Slater
 Tiara Slater (2016)
Tempest Sampson
 Tempest Sampson (2016)
anthony Lewis
 anthony Lewis (2008)
Eg Goldsberry
 Eg Goldsberry (2009)
Anika Wilson
 Anika Wilson (2003)
mighty nasty
 mighty nasty (1994)
Garrett Williams
 Garrett Williams (2012)

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