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MaKynzee Gaddy MaKynzee Gaddy
Alabama A&M University
Class of 2023
Aisha Young Aisha Young
Bethune Cookman University
Class of 2002
Tamara Swain Tamara Swain
Delaware State University
Public Health
Class of 1997
Melony Matthews Melony Matthews
Spelman College
Class of 1981
Kennidi Hipps Kennidi Hipps

Criminal Justice
Class of
Fortune Onaolapo Fortune Onaolapo
Morgan State University
Class of 2025
Lawrence Hellams Lawrence Hellams
Howard University
Class of 2009
Luchas Wright Luchas Wright
Bowie State University
Business Administration
Class of 2024
Alysa Berry Alysa Berry
Saint Augustines College
Visual Communication
Class of 2022
Yenehet Deggefa Yenehet Deggefa
- College Not Listed -
Class of 1996

HBCU Scholarships

HBCU Scholarships


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David White
 David White (2019)
Shelby Dobson
 Shelby Dobson (1997)
Tanika Hooker
 Tanika Hooker (2011)
efrain gallegos
 efrain gallegos (2010)
Shonda Emerson
 Shonda Emerson (2009)
Lolita Slater
 Lolita Slater (1998)
Yaphet Santana
 Yaphet Santana (2010)
Dareal Scott
 Dareal Scott (2011)
Kayla Ambrose
 Kayla Ambrose (2020)
Ashley Porter
 Ashley Porter (2012)
Tina Fernandez
 Tina Fernandez (1989)
jacoby edwards
 jacoby edwards (1991)
Kenneth Williams
 Kenneth Williams (1999)
Pamesha Foard
 Pamesha Foard (2009)
Rashad  Smith
 Rashad Smith (2010)
Edwina Freeman
 Edwina Freeman (2007)
Kylee Barnett
 Kylee Barnett (2011)
Wendy Smith
 Wendy Smith (1994)
Kevin Reaves
 Kevin Reaves (1994)
Martika Townsend
 Martika Townsend (2008)
Vernessa Richard
 Vernessa Richard (2004)

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