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Oumar Bakayoko Oumar Bakayoko
Georgia St Univ
Actuarial Science
Class of 2023
Marcus Gethers Marcus Gethers
South Carolina State University
Class of 1987
Cecilia Tucker Myers Cecilia Tucker Myers
Knoxville College
Class of 1974
Kamryn Johnson Kamryn Johnson
Hampton University
Business Administration
Class of 2023
Darryl Ridgeway Darryl Ridgeway
Lincoln University -Pennsylvania
Business Administration
Class of 1988
Tracy Fonmedig Tracy Fonmedig
Morgan State University
Class of 2022
Cameron Chambers Cameron Chambers
North Carolina A&T State University
Computer Hardware Engineering
Class of 2025
De'jour Pitts De'jour Pitts
North Carolina A&T State University
Mass Media Arts
Class of 2024
Dequincy  Dennis Dequincy Dennis
Grambling State University
Computer and Information Science
Class of 2021
Michael Dunnings Michael Dunnings
Jackson State University
Political Science
Class of 1986

HBCU Scholarships

HBCU Scholarships


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Farren Ancar
 Farren Ancar (2008)
Cortez Turner
 Cortez Turner (2012)
Kelli Vance
 Kelli Vance (2017)
Tashena Lafleur
 Tashena Lafleur (2007)
Latrice McCauley
 Latrice McCauley (2007)
Nadejeh Seon
 Nadejeh Seon (2018)
Chantel Alston
 Chantel Alston (2011)
dominique dotson
 dominique dotson (2017)
alexandria davis
 alexandria davis (2011)
B Steel
 B Steel (2007)
Cynthia Webster
 Cynthia Webster (2010)
Wanda Lloyd
 Wanda Lloyd (1971)
Asia Jones
 Asia Jones (2010)
Deidra Stokes
 Deidra Stokes (2010)
johnnyne Sharp
 johnnyne Sharp (1975)
Jayson  Douglas
 Jayson Douglas (2015)
Ashley Samuel
 Ashley Samuel (2009)
Miles Johnson
 Miles Johnson (2019)
kameisha jones
 kameisha jones (2019)
Darcel Harris
 Darcel Harris (2010)
Marquis Taylor
 Marquis Taylor (2020)
oliver roy
 oliver roy (2011)

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