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Luchas Wright Luchas Wright
Bowie State University
Business Administration
Class of 2024
Alysa Berry Alysa Berry
Saint Augustines College
Visual Communication
Class of 2022
Yenehet Deggefa Yenehet Deggefa
- College Not Listed -
Class of 1996
Sherod Mitchell Sherod Mitchell
Tennessee State University
Class of 2023
Kenneth  Ferguson II Kenneth Ferguson II
Hampton University
Class of 2026
Duane Hunter Duane Hunter
Delaware State University
Class of 2025
Victoria  Miller Victoria Miller
Howard University
Political Science
Class of 2019
Franklin Walker III Franklin Walker III
Morris College
Class of 2023
Bryce Clemons Bryce Clemons
Morehouse College
Class of 2025
Byron Hall Byron Hall
Howard University
Electrical Engineering
Class of 1993

HBCU Scholarships

HBCU Scholarships


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Tameka lewis
 Tameka lewis (2018)
kareisha blevins
 kareisha blevins (2013)
Myeasha Taylor
 Myeasha Taylor (2011)
Vinson Latta
 Vinson Latta (2010)
Alaurea Paige
 Alaurea Paige (2023)
Kechi Duffy
 Kechi Duffy (2000)
amber parks
 amber parks (2014)
Constance E
 Constance E (2009)
Jameera Wardlaw
 Jameera Wardlaw (2012)
Neefesha Foster
 Neefesha Foster (2008)
Carl Alexander
 Carl Alexander (1985)
Dominique Riley
 Dominique Riley (2012)
Matthew  Jenkins
 Matthew Jenkins (2018)
Vickie Lucas
 Vickie Lucas (1991)
Wole Ajayi
 Wole Ajayi (2013)
Justin Lewis
 Justin Lewis (2010)
Nikita  LaCour
 Nikita LaCour (2008)
Torian Mckenzie
 Torian Mckenzie (2017)
Tiana McClellan
 Tiana McClellan (2013)
Alexis McGill
 Alexis McGill (2011)
Nykia Onubogu
 Nykia Onubogu (2023)
Jasiri Parks
 Jasiri Parks (2023)

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