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A Real Black Man Whose Real Name is George
As I live and breathe, I'm going to say and pray God Bless America ... SO HELP ME GOD!! Let us FIGHT FOR RIGHT AND FREEDOM!! ...more
Posted by Treathyl FOX • 60 Views • June 1st, 2020
The History of Sugar Art and a Spotlight on the Sugar Artist of the Century!
Food historians say sugar art dates back to 4000 B.C. This fabulous art technique continues to this day through wonderful artists like Michelle Wibowo. Con't reading: https://vo ...more
Posted by Treathyl FOX • 83 Views • February 13th, 2020
Financial Education
As an HBCU graduate, I learned about credit by trial and error, so to speak. After several credit cards, student loans; I struggled to improve my financial health. Mallory Financia ...more
Posted by katina mallory • 115 Views • June 25th, 2019
Senior Inquiry Survey
Dear Facebook community, My name is Latesha Lee and I am a senior completing my Senior Inquiry project with Dr. Rupa Gordon, at Augustana College. I am looking to explore The ...more
Posted by Latesha Lee • 132 Views • March 26th, 2019
LetUsPayYou Opportunity
Make and Save money everyday with LetUsPayYou! ...more
Posted by Patrick King • 51 Views • March 6th, 2019
Black Cultural Event in New York City
Channing's List provides event management software to help businesses organize and sell tickets to events online-while helping people discover black cultural events New York City. ...more
Posted by Channing Oliver • 481 Views • February 1st, 2019
Funding for Health Outreach to Decrease Health Disparities!
This message is for institutions in Alabama, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, the US Virgin Is ...more
Posted by Nancy Patterson • 227 Views • January 16th, 2019
Proving Equal access to the liberty, equality, opportunity and justice that every human deserves and expects . Emergency Legal Access, by the tap of your App in 30 seconds for any ...more
Posted by PAT BARROW • 374 Views • December 22nd, 2018
The Law Office of John F. Rooney, V in Philadelphia, PA
When you are involved in a civil lawsuit, you need a Philadelphia lawyer you can trust. The Law Office of John F. Rooney, V is your personal injury, criminal defense, and employmen ...more
Posted by John Rooney • 391 Views • December 13th, 2018
Mold Resistant Strains
Mold Resistant Strains. How a startup seed company grew into a high yielding strain producer of cheap seeds in the United States. Learn about growing the best outdoor strains, refe ...more
Posted by Charles Khalifa • 139 Views • November 29th, 2018
Soul Central TV / Soul Central Magazine #TrendingToday
Introducing the Juice ~ Ceo Mark Rowe Founder of the independant black owned media network Soul Central Magazine / Soul Central TV / Go Global Radio ...more
Posted by Ceo Rowe • 684 Views • July 8th, 2018
Morgan Students Study Abroad
Me and my fellow Morganites have the opportunity to participate in a service trip to Costa Rica where we will be serving disadvantaged youth. Several of us follow your page and ...more
Posted by Helena Hailu • 146 Views • May 8th, 2018
Kente Graduation Stoles
Premium Quality Kente Graduation Stoles for African-Americans and Greeks ...more
Posted by Sankofa Edition • 366 Views • November 14th, 2017
"My Nappy Hair Is Beautiful" totes & tees on campus Stop by, and say hello! I can't wait to see you! :) ...more
Posted by J.J. Jackson • 301 Views • February 12th, 2017
Humanoid Customisable Look-A-Like Model Doll
Black Models USA Inc ...more
Posted by Willie Williams Jr • 3,008 Views • March 14th, 2016