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Arianna Finley Arianna Finley
UC, Berkeley
Social Work
Class of 2025
Ebere Oha Ebere Oha
Alabama State University
Physiological Psychology
Class of 2024
CJ Burch CJ Burch
- College Not Listed -
Information Technology
Class of 2021
KNariyah  Milligan KNariyah Milligan
LeMoyne-Owen College
Class of 2025
Reece Johnson-Rock Reece Johnson-Rock
Spelman College
Class of 2026
Destinee Weaver Destinee Weaver
Indiana Univ
Computer and Information Science
Class of 2026
A’Nijia Stewart A’Nijia Stewart

Class of 2028
Theophile Dushime Theophile Dushime
DePaul Univ
Data Processing
Class of 2023
Clarence Pankey Clarence Pankey
Grambling State University
Class of 1982
Eryn Latty Eryn Latty
Florida A&M University
Health Administration
Class of 2025

HBCU Scholarships

HBCU Scholarships


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chasity nealy
 chasity nealy (2007)
Aaron Quick
 Aaron Quick (2020)
Dyllan Robinson
 Dyllan Robinson (2019)
Arthura Brown
 Arthura Brown (2006)
Garry Williams
 Garry Williams (1993)
Theresa Hamilton
 Theresa Hamilton (2009)
Sidney  Harris
 Sidney Harris (2019)
Abednego Commey
 Abednego Commey (2019)
Monica Jo
 Monica Jo (1994)
Alyssa Abrams
 Alyssa Abrams (2019)
Linda McCain
 Linda McCain (2013)
Anthony Horton
 Anthony Horton (1979)
Vanessa Williams
 Vanessa Williams (1990)
Mya Williams
 Mya Williams (2021)
amy williamson
 amy williamson (2002)
Kurri Warren
 Kurri Warren (2007)
big ray
 big ray (1991)
Domonique Gibson
 Domonique Gibson (2008)
wayne files
 wayne files (2007)
Lorena Belcher
 Lorena Belcher (1983)

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