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Totally New Forum Software Posted on 12-26-2006

So how do you like this for improving the cafe? We outta rename the cafe to something like, the cafeteria now! :p
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NeoSoulBrotha replied on 12-26-2006 10:27AM [Reply]
Hey Will... glad to see things moving up... I might have to make a comeback for this how was your holiday? _______________________________ NeoSoulBrotha... Hampton University C/O 2004 "Help my wings grow... so that I can really be fly..." - Mos Def If knowledge is power, why do those in power have so little knowledge??
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replied on 12-26-2006 03:45PM [Reply]
Hmmmmmmmmmm always been a fan of vbb.........but I still prefer phpbb tho..........but maybe this will liven things up............ I just hate I cant have pictures in my signature or link to an offsite avatar.........(or did I miss something somewhere)
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replied on 12-27-2006 03:43PM [Reply]
Yeah, I was wondering about that too....
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replied on 12-27-2006 04:49PM [Reply]
Should be hot... Way more functionality than the old forums... Plus its paid for, so we have tech support (not that we'll ever need it, but oh well)...
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