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Calling all Leaders! Posted on 02-05-2007

YOUR POINT OF VIEW/YOUR EXPERIENCE HEARD We want YOU to become a Community Leader today! Enjoy being part of the HBCU Connect community? Well, consider Community Leadership! Community Leaders — also known as Cornerstones — are the heart and soul of our thriving community. Cornerstones are people like you, people who have something to offer, love to chat and make friends in a specific area of interest. Our leaders host and visit a Café thread of their choice regularly. They read user questions and concerns about a particular topic. They post responses. But more importantly, our Cornerstones give our community a personality. If this sounds like an opportunity you'd like to learn more about, email jbrayboy@hbcuconnect.com to get a fast application. Get the Cornerstone designator now! _____________________________________ Or, join the conversation going on in the Cafe and think about which topic is right for you to host! _____________________________________ Basic Requirements: Here's the first step. Read through the following checklist:  Are you a member of the HBCU Connect community? (If not, you can become a member right now.)  Do you have regular access to the Internet?  Are you 18 or older?  Can you commit to 30 minutes of posting weekly?  Would you enjoy being a host?
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NeoSoulBrotha from Rosedale, MD replied on 02-07-2007 08:07PM [Reply]

Count me in...
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jpbray replied on 02-07-2007 11:13PM [Reply]
SUPER! We got a few emails in already. Looking for some particular Hott topics that you could be our resident subject matter expert for. Shoot me an email, so that I have your address, and we'll get you a packet. Still got a couple of weeks to get started, but I'm excited about the response already. You are an ideal candidate!
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jpbray replied on 02-19-2007 10:51PM [Reply]
Don't STOP sending in your requests! --We got the **** dialogue --We got Hip Hop vs. Intel... I never can get that word --Blacks in Corporate America --Stay tuned for a young lady who cashed in thousands in scholarships and wants to tell you how... --Male words of wisdom from NeoSoul... This is OUR community, these are OUR issues! Response has been GREAT! We still got a lot of work to do If you got something to share that could help a brotha or sistah out, talk to me... [EMAIL="jbrayboy@hbcuconnect.com"]jbrayboy@hbcuconnect.com[/EMAIL]
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NeoSoulBrotha from Rosedale, MD replied on 02-22-2007 06:16PM [Reply]

There seems to be a lot of interest in social / political issues... how about a forum on social activism or leadership? Hit me up... [EMAIL="joncarter02@hotmail.com"]joncarter02@hotmail.com[/EMAIL].
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replied on 02-22-2007 11:27PM [Reply]
Jonathan, you are the man... and Joyce... You know you are the ****! Let's get it poppin!
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YoungPhenom4TheFuture replied on 02-22-2007 11:53PM [Reply]
What about an advice column? I've been answering everybody's questions about life tonight....I think it could be really useful on HBCUconnect.
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jpbray replied on 03-06-2007 01:02PM [Reply]
We got two new leaders up this week. Some of the stories this community has to tell are so motivating!
  • Let me know how we can help leaders get the message across better...
  • Let me know what forums, what subject matter experts we want to hear from, so we can CALL THEM OUT.
You wouldn't believe the talent, knowledge and success stories we have right here on HBCU Connect... and DON"T STOP emailing me. You have it in you to take the LEAD!
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NeoSoulBrotha from Rosedale, MD replied on 03-19-2007 01:20PM [Reply]

Hope all is well! I wanted to follow up with you with ideas for the politics / activism forum. I used the clubs function to set up a club called "Leaders for Change". This would allow us to post blogs & articles that go directly to members of the group. I'd like to start doing some of the following to get things off the ground: 1. Continue publishing the Leaders Survival Guide series that I started (daily motivational message). 2. Host regular interview sessions with people of interest. For example, I heard an interesting discussion on the news about how the NAACP is viewed by the younger generation. With your permission, I'd like to contact NAACP Youth & College Division and do a short interview with one of their representatives within the next week or two, then post a transcript on the forums. 3. Once or twice a month, host a scheduled chat session or conference call for different interest groups... small business, hip hop generation etc. Still brainstorming ideas, so please bear with me! JC
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jpbray replied on 03-19-2007 01:31PM [Reply]
That's super exciting and motivating! I'm here to support you. NOT TECHNICAL though Let me know if you need anything for the project, and I will be there for you, or find someone who can. That kind of forum is one of the primary reasons for a site like this... All the best to you, Joyce
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