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07 Acceptance Letters Posted on 02-21-2007

So i applied as a transfer to 3 PWI's (Hartford, Temple, and VCU) and 3 HBCU's (FAMU, Tuskegee, and Morehouse). And I think i'm goin crazy waitin on their decisions..and of course is doesnt help that I gotta be on their backs to keep them on point with my stuff.. I'm supposed to be gettin responses from uhart and tuskegee within the next few days..so wish me luck! anyone else out there anxiously waitin by their mailboxes? or anyone already got their acceptance letters for fall 07?
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YoungPhenom4TheFuture replied on 02-21-2007 09:06PM [Reply]
nah...lol I'm good I got accepted into all of my schools like...back in December. I know it soundz mad early, but it's true so I'm chillaxin right now. Accepted: Hampton(will be attending) Howard Tuskegee Virgina State Morgan Pending: Delaware State Tennessee State Geneseo (state school) Binghamton (state school) Denied: Stonybrook (Bo0!) ...they're losers anway
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BmoresBeauty from Baltimore, MD replied on 02-21-2007 10:38PM [Reply]

yup i'm very impatiently waiting on CAU! also Del. State and i already go into Morgan State
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RJizzle replied on 02-22-2007 09:06AM [Reply]
Wow Congrats YoungPhenom! Thats not even fair! lol..Im over here all stressed out and you all set with where u wanna go and everything..but thats alrite tho..i'll be fine . And now im feelin a lil better cuz yesterday i called admissions and found out that I was accepted at TUSKEGEE!!..so at least I kno im goin SOMEWHERE in the fall
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YoungPhenom4TheFuture replied on 02-22-2007 11:23PM [Reply]
Congrats back at you! Skegee is a great school....best of luck to you
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*KoKoStaR21* replied on 02-25-2007 02:32PM [Reply]
Congrats on Tuskeegee, I applied to four HBCUs, I heard from Grambling (got accepted for the Fall 07), waiting to hear from Southern U and PVAMU. I'm just glad I got accepted.
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YoungPhenom4TheFuture replied on 02-26-2007 03:22PM [Reply]
congrats to you
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RJizzle replied on 03-07-2007 09:39AM [Reply]
Accepted to the University of Hartford. I kno it isn't an hbcu, but i'm happy about the acceptance anyways . Still waitin for the other 4 schools..more specifically waitin for that Morehouse acceptance...*sighs*
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BmoresBeauty from Baltimore, MD replied on 03-07-2007 12:03PM [Reply]

It's coming. I hope u get in
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lili2007 from akron, OH replied on 03-15-2007 08:59AM [Reply]

I haven't applied but i'm planning on applying. it's kinda late cuz i am a senior but i had already picked a school. it just seems like all the scholarships that i want to apply for only wants an African American to attend an HBCU.
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