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Sitting here eating chicken poem Posted on 05-30-2004

damn i hope that poem is about me!
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replied on 05-31-2004 01:36PM [Reply]
BellaMocha wrote:
Off the top of my head while I licking BBQ sauce off my fingers.. My love for you is round and unbroken If flows softly between your lines caressing the darkness that hides in you Everytime I think of yourkisses butterflies shoot up my spine making it hard to think... as my brown eye butterbrown deliscious starts to quiver as you lust for me so good Your voice is my undoing as I imagine you loving me over and over until you make my eyes roll back.. Shiiiiiiiyiiiit! I can't do this. I need you here. In my bed. In my world You are so far away. Why do you just want to be freinds? Does loving me the way that you do equate freindship? I want to inhale all of you, to be yours again. Stop holding back. All I want is to be loved by you in that special way agian.. Man I'm bored...
^^^Dat was hot. They say you write some of your hottest stuff when you're not paying attention. That's happened to me lots of times.
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jadekiss replied on 05-31-2004 02:14PM [Reply]
:: tap dance solo::: SPAAAAAAZZZ!!! Tank yew! Tank yew very much.
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EkWoah replied on 06-01-2004 12:59AM [Reply]
are you a tap dancer? i've noticed a trend....
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oOoDazzlingDanceroOo replied on 06-28-2004 11:15PM [Reply]
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La replied on 07-02-2004 07:06PM [Reply]
Im feelin that Bella. 8)
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