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By the end of the day I'ma be pulling my hair out I can't bear the monotony of cafe 'au lait faces of bourgeouis composition a sneer veneered under cool disposition comparing me to their ever-changing slide rule, rendering me incosistent to their standard of what someone with my face should be Shocked expressions on theirs upon discovery that in addition to hip hop, I like rock & rock my individuality as proudly as any walking poster in Malibu city knowin he pretty conversation full f sidity remarks as he embarks on his next shopping spree I'd rather be free live of my own witty volition not let material possesions rule my disposition I'd rather be me my worth is more than my shoes inevitably he'll come to see that by refusing to delve any deeper than fabric he tragically missed the chance to get cool with a rad chick by refusing to resist his judge-by-cover habit he's found h imself stuck with a mad clique of single-faceted soon-to-be has-beens with cash to spend rent-a-center reputations and disposable friends showing their **** to the corporate to ensure they'll always make ends meet.....What? the FBI just repossed Tyrone's Benz fleet?
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blaquezilla replied on 06-02-2004 04:02PM [Reply]
i like readin material that blows my mind like that. makes you think more and try to feel the emotions that the writer was feeling while they were writing. not just the physical but also the emotional. I really liked it. one
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AfroPoeticSista replied on 06-23-2004 03:23PM [Reply]
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blaquezilla replied on 06-23-2004 03:24PM [Reply]
well better late than never I always say. lol. one
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Slim GoodyN757 replied on 06-27-2004 05:10PM [Reply]
Yeah grl that was tight. Keep up the good work
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