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A Love Gone Wrong Posted on 05-12-2007
Detroit, MI
This is something I wrote a couplmonths ago 2 express my feelings 4 what I was going through... check it.... I given it once... tried given it again twice, all I recieve back is a broken heart contaminated by lies Why cry when I already knew what to expect? But wait... could it be the person I loved most or thought was best has now put my love to yet another test. God this right here is realy tearing me apart. Because what you say and they preach is that you judge a man by is heart. Hold on. But HOW? That's not what they practice... every minute their judging me for sin and condemnation. Who are they to tell me whether or not I have recieved salvation. You wanna know why it hurts? Because I actally allowed my heart to believe that we can become one, while knowing all the while in my mind that we couldn't, and it was never for the reasons that you presented. But because its not what you wanted, and you say different but really you showed it. I saw it in your eyes, even sometimes in your twisted lies. Question... how and why did you even use to cry. Was that also apart of your games or just something to keep up with the charades. Please tell me something, i'm a big girl really I can handle it...I want to know your motive... I mean were these your intentions? I want to know why someone that's aready so confuse would get involved with someone else with so many other complications..... I want to know whywould you carry on false love for such along period of time. I don't know you have me confuse when it you ave transfered your energy and now i'm confused with you. But its cool. And i'm not bout to even sit up here and front or lie, I still really do love you... and i'm only a FRIEND? I guess... I'm just a Hell of a friend.. and trust me when I say that's already been proven. So every night before I o to sleep I pray and say... God's whatever meant to be, let it be... I think i'm ready for it, I Guess... will we shall see!!! written by: Danielle S. Davis A.K.A SpiRit07 B.K.A Detroit' Finest
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