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Posting Toolbar Posted on 07-03-2007
C Nels

I see folk like to "spice" up their posts in the forums, so I would like to suggest adding a "Posting Toolbar". It can be placed at the top of the advanced reply box, quick reply can remain unformatted. This way folk won't have to remember codes, use other sites/methods for spell checking or spend all day making sure their post looks right. They can be drop downs, toggles or just a one time deal where you click the button and it enters the tag and you edit it. Just a suggestion! I now return you to your regularly scheduled day, already in progress!
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Jamaican Shawty replied on 07-04-2007 11:41AM [Reply]
why thank u
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C Nels replied on 07-19-2007 06:15AM [Reply]
Nevermind my "suggestion" lol
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