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Aspiring doctor here Posted on 07-23-2007

Hey everybody! My names Lauren and i'm attending Clark atlanta this fall Majoring in biology(b.s)/concentration on premed. Any other aspiring doctors out there?
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datds07 from Jonesboro, GA replied on 07-23-2007 03:44PM [Reply]

Hey gurl! Optometrist here! Albany State! I hear ya. Do that thing gurl! Another successful black doctor on the rise!!!! I wish you the best!!! We a strong people. We got this!
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Leftywefty replied on 07-24-2007 03:57AM [Reply]
Hey lady! Optometry is an interest of mine. What are you majoring in?
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datds07 from Jonesboro, GA replied on 07-24-2007 10:55AM [Reply]

Im a Biology major. I've been doin a little struggling, but I really picked it up during my second semester. Right now Im tryin to prepare myself for this Chemistry class I have awaiting my return. But Im trusting in God that I'll make it through with the help of my outstanding tutor that I expect to get with the day classes begin...What's your classification?
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Leftywefty replied on 07-24-2007 11:30AM [Reply]
I'm a freshman(hehe) Are you taking organic chemistry? That class is NO JOKE. I remember when my teacher TRIED to give us a taste of it in high school, i was lookin like this I think org chem is a prerequisite for optometry school, I know for sure its a pre-req for med school. So what made you decide on optometry?
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datds07 from Jonesboro, GA replied on 07-24-2007 02:21PM [Reply]

Oh ok. Yea I will be taking organic chemistry this upcoming semester...Yea I know. That's why I say I have to get me a tutor ASAP...LOl. I can only imagine the look on ur face. That's probably gon be my same expression. Or maybe this. lol Well actually it was when I took Chem in high school...But what made me decide on optometry was really my family. I have astigmatism in both eyes, and my parents have astigmatism. My older sister wears glasses, she's near-sighted, my little sisters vision is perfectly fine. So I've always wondered about different types of vision. What causes what and why. U know, things like that. It all started with the simple question why. But actually Im still exploring my options, but Im really leaning towards optometry. So what about you?
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Leftywefty replied on 07-24-2007 02:56PM [Reply]
Well, you can be my optometrist when you graduate because i'm VERY near-sighted . Well, i've been wanting to be a doctor my whole life, since i was very young.The human body just really interests me, every aspect of it. You should've seen me when i disecting the cat in anatomy class lol, i'm sick, i know. I hate the fact that it involves so much school but I can't see myself doing anything else with my life.I specifically want to be a neonatologist(doctor for newborn/premature babies) but im keeping my options open. I have a question, are optometrists "doctors"? or are they exclusively trained to care for the health of the eye?
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datds07 from Jonesboro, GA replied on 07-24-2007 04:00PM [Reply]

LOl. Gurl I got you!....I feel you on that lifetime dream thing. I have not always wanted to be an Optometrist, but I did want to be a pediatrician for a while. But like you said. Im still exploring my options as well. But disecting is very fun. I dont think you're sick. Because last semester I had to disect a pig and it was so interesting. I loved it too. So we just gon have to be sick together gurl. But I hate all the school too, but I feel like in the end it will all be worth it....That is an interesting study. This is my first time I have heard of that. I never knew there was a specific doctor for premature babies. But yes optometrists are doctors (ODs) doctors of optometry. And yes they are trained for the eye. They handle the diseases, disorders, injuries, pretty much anything and everything that has to do with the eye. But they dont handle surgeries. But of course you know they take care of vision skills and ocular health by examination and providing glasses or contacts or whatever may be needed.
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