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Where are my Xavierettes Posted on 06-07-2004

Is there anyone going to Xavier University. Holla at me and tell me things you have heard or how you feel. I will be attending Xavier in the fall and I need some input. :wink:
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sexilexi04 replied on 06-10-2004 07:31PM [Reply]
I will be at XU with you!! I thought I was the only one going too. Are you going to the Howard Hughes Biomedical Scholars program this summer? I am. It begins in like two weeks. Im so excited! Hit me up and lets talk about it since we're the only ones.
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princessb85 replied on 06-11-2004 09:57AM [Reply]
I tried to write you on blackplanet, but I did not get through. I am not going to the scholar program because I have so many obligations. I am pretty excited about Xavier University. I live in a small town just outside of NO so it is kind of moving away from home. I only know a few people from around here who is going. It is really nice to here of someone else going to Xavier besides me. I wish you good luck. What is your major? What have you heard about Xavier University? Hit me up here or you can e-mail me at princessb85@cox.net P.S. If you need any advice about the New Orleans area, just let me know.
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TWINS08 replied on 06-15-2004 03:32PM [Reply]
Hey, What Up!? Me and My Twin sister are going to Xavier.. We're both excited and we heard nothing but good things from people who go there now. What's your major....Ours is Biology/ pre- med.
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sexilexi04 replied on 06-15-2004 11:09PM [Reply]
My major is going to be Biology/Pre-Medicine too. I'm really excited too. Hope I see you in the fall!
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princessb85 replied on 06-16-2004 12:15PM [Reply]
Hey twins, I got your e-mail. I e-mailed you back. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me or find me here anytime. It is very nice to know someone else who is going to Xavier besides myself. I wish both of you guys good luck.
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sexilexi04 replied on 06-16-2004 03:12PM [Reply]
Even though I live in Mississippi Im only about 45 minutes from New Orleans. I dont have a roommate for the fall yet but I do have one for the summer program I am going to. Im going to bring all my stuff in like two vehicles. My car and my parent's probably. I dont know anybody else that is going to XU. Im hoping I will meet some great people at the summer program. I have never been on a campus tour but I have seen the school if that makes sense. Because I live so close to New Orleans my friends and I go there sometimes to go out or shop or go to Six Flags. Its pretty cool. I dont know how it compares to other schools but it doesnt really matter. I do have a friend who will be a sophomore this year. He is going to be a peer dean for freshman orientation. He has nothing but good things to say about the school. I hope I answered all your questions. I will tell you more when I get back from the program it begins next week.
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sexilexi04 replied on 06-16-2004 03:14PM [Reply]
My friends name on this site is Mr.228 He will probably be willing to tell you what he knows about the school.
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TWINS08 replied on 06-16-2004 04:06PM [Reply]
Alright.Thanks for answering the questions..Keep us posted about the Summer program. But I got another question for you, I thought Freshmen couldn't have cars because they don't pass out parking passes for them or something like that?
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sexilexi04 replied on 06-16-2004 06:31PM [Reply]
You cant have a parking permit to park in the parking lot, but you can park by your dorm (if that makes any sense to you)
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