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Somethin Somethin Just Ain't Right! Posted on 08-26-2007
C Nels

Somethin just ain't right about these pics and I can't seem to put my finger on what it is!
Hmmmmm?! :thinking2:
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theTRUTH replied on 08-26-2007 10:01PM [Reply]
Let me see if I can be of some assistance. First, the shirt is dirty and cheaply made. Secondly, there is a " # " on the back like we dont know that "10" is a number and can stand on its own. Oh, and a dude has on a sorority shirt. But maybe he used to be a she, pledged and then went from a ma'am to a sir...
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smc112 replied on 08-31-2007 07:09AM [Reply]
Is that a mexican? ha ha This is too hilarious!!!! It looks like they are doing some labor in the background. I guess he felt he needed to represent DST at work! ha ha
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UrbnBeauty from Union, NJ replied on 09-02-2007 12:56AM [Reply]

wait...this might sound a little racist but i must ask... is this guy a general LABORER..doing freakin GARDENING... WOW!
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