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Darness (For Antony) Posted on 10-04-2007

As streetlight filters through the closed vertical blinds Giving third dimension to the pictures on your wall Outlining your face with silver thread And your silhouette moves on top of me, finding my lips You spin me tumbling down a lightless well named “feels so good” See the darkness of your skin gently blends with the darkness of the room two delectable shades of black engulfing me as the sea depth or the space depths or the depths of the right side under my bed where my favorite shoes always slide to and my roommate is too lazy to climb under and get them so they stay there for safekeeping the darkness of the paper bag my grandmother slips her peaches in for two days so they ripen just enough to slake both hunger and thirst at the same time comforting darkness forcing your fingers to work diligently because light’s lack renders my body a film negative inverted shades relying on the echolocation of my sighs and moans to determine how close I am to achieving darkness my tongue exploring the darkness of your mouth speechless pleasure, speaking inaudible sentences imagining what isn’t completely concealed by the darkness reading your goose bumps like Braille traveling the expanse of you your tensings and trembles telling me where to go when to go, how to go you ask to taste my personal darkness holding vats of sweet wine trickling forth for only you glad the late hour covers my blush as we take our time not to stumble in the dark carefully entangling our bodies in the most complicated of ways because crossed fingers and toes are not enough to wish the minutes into hours and the dawn out of existence So in defiance of the approaching light we lie asleep in darkness
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