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Become Water ! Posted on 01-27-2008

BECOME WATER BY GEORGIA F.A.T.Z BECOME WATER. Fluidity Is Key. Must seamlessly adapt to whatever external stimulus is presented. Calmly accept the fact that the thing is done, and quickly process your situation . Use the knowledge you have gained thus far to make your situation turn out as positive as possible. ADAPT LIKE WATER. If your surroundings get hot, heat up! If they get too hot, remain yourself and rise to the occasion like.... steam; rising, focused on reaching heaven. When itís time to chill, adapt like water. Chill, remain cool and solidify that which makes you who you are like... ice; appearing to conform to the situation you are temporarily in, while the whole time you remain yourself and true to who you are. Water changes everything it touches. It nourishes. It cleanses. There is nothing you can name or look at that has not been positively impacted by water at some point in itís development. Water helped grow the trees that made your home and furniture. Water is an ingredient in every thing you drink. You canít grow food without water. It cooled the steel that made your car and nourished the animals you eat and wear. Adapting to, and positively impacting every thing it touches. BECOME WATER ! Seeking to be down to earth. Feeding the soil around you with your life force. How you got here is not as important as the fact that you are here. If someone is thirsty, give them drink. If your situation is dirty use whatever tools are available to you to help you clean it up. BECOME WATER ! Sprinkle the world with your wisdom. Help others become that thing they were destined to be. Turn seeds of doubt into mighty oaks of industry and economics Turn the seeds of the dreams that you have that are so small you, and others doubt will amount to anything and... BECOME WATER ! You have within your physical form an everlasting life force that will make those dreams bloom into things of beauty; changing the world for the better. This force is always there. Itís what makes you you. If not for the power eternally integrated into those two hydrogen and one oxygen atom, water would not exist. This same power, this same force, called by many different names is that which keeps the planets in orbit and the sun burning at perfect temperature. Use this power and... BECOME WATER ! Never let old habits and situations keep you from filling new positions or relieving old dry frames of mind. Water. Fluidity is key. Must seamlessly adapt to whatever external stimulus is presented. BECOME WATER ! Now move !!!! MONTEZ XAVIER WORKS 2/07
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