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How do you know if you know how to love? Posted on 01-29-2008

Richmond, VA
We all know that love is so hard to define. So if we can't really state exactly what it is how come we are expected to use it and use it wisely? When you look back at past relationships how do you know that you knew what you were doing? What mistakes could you have prevented had you really knew how to love? Who's to say that you know how to love now? You did or do your best right and learn as you go? What are some things you've learned and some things you regret? "If only I knew what I know now" We go to school for 13 years to learn about everything except LOVE. But isn't life love? Where are we to go to learn about love? If it's the responsibility of our parents I fear what the next generation's relationships will be like. And we're suppose to love ourselves first but we can sometimes be our own worst enemy. If you could measure your love...how smart are you? Take some time to ask yourself "Do I really know what love is and how to use it? You tell me...All these questions and more answered Thursday, January 31, 2008 at 7 p.m. Pearl Restaurant and Lounge. Blessings and Miracles from your favorite talk show host...Detra Allen
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C Nels replied on 01-30-2008 07:55AM [Reply]
Where is the Pearl Restaurant and Lounge located? Will this discussion be broadcasted anywhere...TV, Radio, Internet? You might gain some audience members if we knew that info.
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