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What is most important to you in choosing a college? Posted on 02-02-2003

Rosedale, MD
Just out of curiosity...
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In Rod We Trust replied on 02-02-2003 05:00PM [Reply]
academics , cause I mean whatever college you go to it determines your future, so of course i will choose academics, cause a college with bad academics will not help me become sucessful in life
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replied on 02-02-2003 05:21PM [Reply]
cost is the first thing I look at
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BluFantasy20 from Washington, DC replied on 02-02-2003 05:44PM [Reply]

I voted for academics because that is the whole reason I'm even going to college--to further my knowledge. Not just book knowlede but experience and LIFE knowledge. But all of the options listed played a key role in my decision to attend (hope,hope,hope!!!) Clark Atlanta University. Campus life and social atmosphere is essential because where is the fun or GROWTH in attending a school that isn't active?? Location because I need to be close enough to get home when needed and far enough to really feel independent. Dormitories/quality of life is a given because this IS a matter of your living conditiond for four years. It isn't tooo important to me because I can sorta adjust to any living situation. Sorta. I put cost last because I don't want to restrict my educational experience because of money. I'm breaking my back as I write this to deal with various scholarships. I want to afford WHATEVER school I choose. The colleges I have applied to vary in price range so I'm aiming to pay for the MOST expensive even if I choose the cheapest. Okay, so there's my rant for the day. Peace&Blessings...... :lol: 8)
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lay_d_wit_class replied on 02-02-2003 07:04PM [Reply]
first it would have to be academics. then i look at the dorms and social life. cuz i can't be stayin in community bath dorms that's just me. but first i would definetly look to see if they have my intended major.
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mello_brotha from Milledgeville, GA replied on 10-11-2003 03:54PM [Reply]
another reason is the band for me.
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replied on 10-13-2003 12:02PM [Reply]
Academics come first because ay if I'm paying to get taught i'm going to be on top of that...but other than that tha social life around the campus as long as its good I'll be str8
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natalie_g replied on 10-13-2003 08:41PM [Reply]
I don't know where want to go, but ir would have to be academics. If I'm paying for college I better have the best education for my money. I just want to go somewhere in the southeast region where they have a good band that I can play in. Maybe FAMU or something. Natalie
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A'Kaye47 from Dover, DE replied on 10-14-2003 10:53AM [Reply]

DEFINATELY Campus life and social Atmosphere....call me a slacker if you want but I cant be on no BORIN campus...I might as well stay in Delaware for all that!
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SkegeeDyme08 from Stone Mountain and Thomson, GA replied on 10-14-2003 11:57AM [Reply]

First it would have to be academics because I want to go to a school where I will get a good education because the college education is the one that I will have to pay for next Fall(04). Then it would have to be the campus life because I do want to have some fun in college and meet new people.
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