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Frustration Posted on 07-16-2008
beauty is her name

Looking through the mirror I can see some type of frustration, Thoughts of inspiration? Mistaken! cause my frustration, is what’s taken, over me… See.. Thoughts of you making me…. Smile… is what’s steadily blindin me.. At times Im quite confused of what we could be…. ..(lol) you know us livin together, happily? Can it be? Possibly? This frustration seems to be misplacing me… and yet…I’m irreplaceable Looking at you my frustration is distracted, Distracted by the feelings that I once had as a result from OUR friendship… Consequence? May be… (lol) shhhitttt… Even u know… there’s more to this suspense… There’s even documents that may have been the early result of my frustration… Explanation? My frustration changes like constellations… Only to be in observation by you… …Damn… it’s really all so hard to express… The feelings that I’m confused wit is constantly beatin outta my chest, …Should I let it rest?... But with this type of frustration, how can I ever face you, only to confess? Damn… now u tell me…don’t ALL this sound like a lotta stress? Its just your persuasion mixed in with my frustration that’s creating this static from me to you… At times I wonder if you think about me… And, most importantly… if this is a reality? Huh.. you know…A little something like you and me.. Or is this just another one of them fatalities… in a relationship.. friendship… Or jus whatever u getting that’s commin outta me. All I ask is just for you to keep it real wit me… Even if u jus gotta chill wit me… Let me know how u feelin so that we BOTH can get the best out of what its gottta be, … you know… you wit me… Thinking about you adds on to my frustration and our salutation only makes this more difficult… But I’m confused cause I’m feeling you, No doubt attracted, ...imma keep it real wit you …Don’t know exactly where to start.. Melodies of Feelin So Right got me weak at the heart, Contemplating about the next time we gone be featured in each other’s works of art, But my frustration keeps analyzing me…giving me another outlook without you, even wit us bein apart. My frustration even got me analyzing the process of reconciliation… While at the same time the values of segregation got me hopin that you aint on games, Or at the end of this will I be frustrated and u leavin me still feelin the same way… …Looking through the mirror I can now see my own frustration, My thoughts of inspiration? Or could I possibly b mistaken?.. Cause my frustration, has taken, over me…
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beauty is her name replied on 07-17-2008 01:16AM [Reply]
deep..??? ...hhuuummm... never really thought of it in that light... foreal foreal it was just EXACTLY how i was feeling....me REALLY having interest in a particular person n pretty much_ flat out_ hopin that he feeling the same way wit me.... *all jokes, games, n childish acts aside*.... lol... Thanks for the compliments... N but of course ...do have more... trust! u'll see em once they posted...untill next time...
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going_places_504 from new roads, LA replied on 07-23-2008 04:22AM [Reply]

that was really deep
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