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Letter Of Scrutiny Posted on 08-01-2008
Black Sun

I chose to sacrifice my life for the gamble of dice I chose to up and leave the women whom I called my wife. Now the tension built in my household is thick enough to slice. And the **** son that I left alone will never know the correct way to live his life Treat his wife Or how to make his money and gross it twice. I chose this life for my family I wanna say I dont deserve this But it was I who chose to leave Ignoring love when I should have been trying to preserve it. I remember when I looked into to my sons eyes Saying to myself this feeling is so right At a time when everything around me felt wrong And not even the weight I lifted physically and emotionally could prepare me for this fight Im weaker then I thought But I built the perception that I was strong As I stare at the reflection of myself I see a man denying himself opportunity I see a man who should be preparing himself for a life of physiological scrutiny Yet I see a media off spring whose only objective is lust for jewelry Oh my, Oh my, Oh my Where has my time went? Has it taken a first class ticket Raved its engines Prepared for flight? I never forget my tears or his I never forget that first game and all my fears Oh how I wish my bigger me was the there Instead he was somewhere with his boys In a bar chugging beers And although you fight me down I stand firm The wicked find me guilty and the innocent find me lost I stay. I stand firm Wake up Mr.Walker Your the father of a baby boy Say high to your child Your a FATHER
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