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Repress My Thoughts For No One Posted on 08-01-2008
Black Sun

Oh my beautiful black people What happened to the free spirits we once were? What has happened to the motivation for education? What happened to the lust for our relations with each other? Oh my beautiful Black People what happened to our pride? What happened to our coveted muscle and bronze that was one coveted even more then Gold it self? Have we been released from barriers and degradation, to ignorantly re-enslave our selves? My beautiful black people I weep for our souls. I weep for our Women whom not only face molestation and **** of their pride from others but from themselves alike My Black Brother My African Brother My Prideful Brother My Ambitious Brother My Brother Oh My Brother Why have you sold your soul for modern day shackles? Traded in shackles for sneakers that wrap our ankles We have traded in our pride for Diamonds around our necks What we do is no different from **** masters putting 10 lashes to our backs Instead we've replaced our Masters with record and movie execs. Destruction of our families by a White Diamond. Replacing our hearts with materials that we call necessary! Colder to our youth then winds touring across February. How much longer we will do this to ourselves till we become wary? NO NO NO This is what I have to say. I can no longer hold in. Cause in the End we have to be like "Our" four fathers and Rebel. We have destroyed enough Now lets rebuild Thank You
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