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My EBONY QUEEN Posted on 06-16-2004

Greensboro, NC
^^how long have u 2 been conversing? i don't think u're in love... infatuation, perhaps...but not love.... she might not care, but ya might shouldn't have put her on the spot... did she know how u feel prior to u postin' this? i hope so... anyway tho...damn, i don't even have any advice 2 give ya :?...someone else, help this brotha out, please....
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NubianQueen replied on 06-16-2004 05:04PM [Reply]
If ur feelin her then u should def give it a try, u don't wan't to miss out on anything...but putting her on blast was a no no. Next time if ur feelin some1 keep it btwn u n her.
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Afro-American replied on 06-16-2004 06:51PM [Reply]
yeah kinda bad play shouting her out and all, but like I dont really think it's love, i mean love is a pretty big term and involves so much, I just think your "feeling" her...but yeah ya need to talk to her or something, cause I aint got nothing else to say about it
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Black_Beauty replied on 07-04-2005 12:10AM [Reply]
what's the update on this situation? Did you try and express your feelings to her... was she feelin' u? yo, what's good?
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