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The Last Passion Posted on 09-16-2008

A poem by Esto You say "You feel no more love" I say " I feel no more trust" You say " Your just paranoid" I say " There is no more us" You say " Baby come home there is much to discuss" I say " Why talk when truth is out of touch and proof is in my clutch" You say " Think of your daughter, under this roof is all us" I say " You tainted our home now I just feel disgust' You say " You dont want me no more?" I say "There is no more lust, There is no more passion, except for this music, except for this rappin. And honestly I never thought that this could happen." You say "If its like that I will see you in court' I say "what for, because you cheated, got caught and now your hurt? Now you want to lie and drag my name through the dirt"' You say "domestic abuse, restraining orders, no visitation and child support" I say " Watch how quick the judge throws it out of court." The judge says " Young lady you cant prove your case" My daughter says " Im stuck in the middle" I say " damn, what a waste" ~Estoban~
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