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The Lamb and Fox, The Wolf and the Lion Posted on 03-09-2009

The Lamb and Fox, The Wolf and the Lion The lamb as it grazes and wonders, if today will be the day, that it will be the perfect meal of a creature stronger than he. Today the lamb may meet its doom if it doesn’t think quickly. The lamb how innocent and may be wise but foolish as it may be. Today he wishes to be a fox as it is defenseless as one could be, it sees the wolf as it approach and how could this be. He’s close enough to smell, he’s close enough to see, it’s foolish for the wolf’s approach, …will the others protect me? He is near, and then the lamb turns, as defenseless as it may be, to challenge a wolf at a distance, while it is behind a tree. But how does it think that it can hide, when it is behind a tree this wolf is quite aggressive and also in need to eat. It may be that the lamb wandered off, it may be that it’s scared, but the wolf how it is always lurking and even taking a chance. It approaches the lamb to eat it, now the lamb starts to wonder, how good if it would be, a fox as sleek and quick, less defenseless plus better to get away than he. It wished that it would be a fox a good idea indeed fore if I was he and he was me I think that same indeed. May be I would never become a pry, as foolish as it may seem, the fox is what is smarter, I guess that it would be me.
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