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Finally Change Has Come!! Posted on 03-24-2009
Atlanta, GA
It just hasn't been the same now days. What you ask...thats right..Music. Everything has been mundane and sounding the same and radio stations play the same garbage as well..Let me tell you about Jamison...R&B/Pop artist who wears Abercrombie & Fitch (weird right) with a urban style..Hes from Detroit City and brings true music with a lot of love...Im not going to say anymore I'm just the A&R ... Listen to the new single Ryda and check out the youtube YouTube - jamisonworld's Channel ..Below you will find the single Ryda...So Check it out and make sure to leave comments on what you think...BE HONEST!! Thanks Yawll!!! UNO I almost forgot....don't forget to download the new ringtone "Ryda"..Don't worry its free...just text IMARYDA to 69937..
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C Nels replied on 03-25-2009 09:09AM [Reply]
Ehhh, I'll pass. Everybody's looking for their "ryda" so I don't hear anything new in listening to this track.
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