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How the ‘Justice or Else’ Million Man March impacted visionary insights of Rose Broadnax, home repair contractor Posted on 11-17-2015

Cols, OH

Part three of a three-part series

By Eric Hackley

Rose and I attended the first Million March and have been discussing the concept and impact over the past 20 years.  Today’s conversation was as enlightening to me as our first conversation.

Eric Hackley: Why did you attend the “Justice of Else” Million Man March?

Rose Broadnax: Because I stand for something.  I stand against the murdering of our children. I stand against that. I stand against the police doing it, then showing it on video and being justified in doing it. I want to make myself known for where I stand on this day.  And everyone else should have been there if they can stand for something. But if you don’t or can’t stand for anything, I can understand that and you shouldn’t have been there.

HACKLEY: What do we do with the Fort Wayne people who are against this movement?

ROSE: It is not our position to do anything with them. It is our position to do something with ourselves.  The speakers Ms. Grigsby and Ms. King who spoke before me are very brilliant ladies. They spoke on many positive things. But, this movement started within us. You asked them what brought them to the mental state that they’re now in.  Well, I know what brought them to that state. They were in a state of being blind, deaf and dumb. Then they were mentally resurrected to a new knowledge, a new insight and outlook. And that’s the difference.  This is what the enemy calls radicalism.  If you see anything contrary to the way it has been presented to you concerning the past 400 years, then you’re a radical.  If you don’t agree the things “he” says, you’re a radical.  And, if you make a stand like I do, then you’re just terrible.

HACKLEY: Some run from the idea of being labeled as a radical.

ROSE: It’s the conditioning by the system to think and act like the **** master.  We’re in a society where we have to overcome the overtone of the mentality inheritance that we have received from our **** master.  When he taught a system persistently into the minds and psychic of our people, then they began to practice it. Then they began to teach their children to obey Mr. Whiteman and obey Uncle Tom. And, this still goes on until this day.

It wasn’t until the coming of Minister Farad Muhammad in 1930 that the eyes began to be awaken.  Because no religion was able to be taught in the United States other than Christianity. Studying religion is where you can find the Devil, Satan and God.  When I studied it, I found it is demonic to the core.  I’ll say it. I’m not afraid. If I’m wrong, them prove me wrong. Study your religions.  It was made up from the **** Sea scrolls.  It’s a religion that teaches you to drink blood and eat body parts as symbolic and holy.  No other religions teach that. Not even Buddhism.

We’ve been bought up worshiping the ****.  A man on a cross ****, not alive.  As long as we serve a **** religion, to worship the ****, Martin Luther King got no respect until after he was ****.  Malcolm X got no respect until after he was ****. This place worships the ****.

HACKLEY: I always thought that they got respect because they were no longer a threat because they were ****. And when someone is no longer a threat, then you can worship them all day long.

ROSE: Hey, that’s good, profound, yes.  But still, it’s demonic to the core!

HACKLEY: Do you experience enlightenment each time you have gone to a Million Man March?

ROSE: Brother Hackley, I would not have missed this one because I was at the first one and you were too.  I’m sorry that I did not find you at this one, but nevertheless, every time I go, I get enlightenment from all those who have died and have been ****. And from all those who are living that can see from unblind eyes.

Most of the people there were Christians, converted and awakened from the **** thinking frame of mind where they have been taught “love your enemy and to do good to him who has hurt you.”  That’s a **** doctrine that has been taught into the minds of my people. As my teacher has said, “it is the graveyard of our people and therefore must be resurrected to see it for what it is.”  People won’t teach that because they’re afraid of their preacher.  But, I have come to die to teach it.  I live for Almighty God in life and death. If God gets glorification in my death, then let it come!

HACKLEY: So you don’t think Fort Wayne preachers are being as effective as they can be?

ROSE: If the thing is demonic to the core, then brother Hackley they’re doing the best they can under the circumstances. Because if it’s demonic, they’ve got to walk the path of their leader. And their leader is the Caucasian European who came with Christianity and conquered all the world under Christianity and demonized all the other religions as false.  In my research, I have found it to be the false one.

HACKLEY: Do you see anywhere in our lifetime that the veil of **** mentality will be lifted from our eyes?

ROSE: In the sister Nicole King it was evident that the resurrection of the mentally **** is not done, but just beginning. When I spoke with you two years ago, my speech was about this being the time and this is the year for the resurrection.  I figure they’ll not be awakened now by a gentle tug, they’ll be awakened by a strong storm or ****.

Do you think the Egyptians, who once thought that with their great might, that they would be brought down?  Do you think the great Roman empire thought they would be brought down?  It is the hand of God that will raise one up or take one down. As I stand on the scripture of Genesis 15:13 that “we are those people that are enslaved for 400 years and after that, God himself will come and deliver us.” Read it! Now that’s us! That’s what my teacher told us and we stand on that. He also challenged all the scholars to find any other racial group of people that fit the description of Genesis 15:13 other than us in America.  No where else could they find any people who were held in slavery for 400 years but us.

HACKLEY: Speaking of how God works, the Honorable Minister Farrakhan is now in his 80s. He’s still full of fire, energy and clarity.  How does he do that?

ROSE: He’s blessed by the design of the Supreme Being.  We are the ones who were created by the black mud and fashioned into shape. We are God men. The others were created after us.  That’s why the last ones were called mankind, not originators.

HACKLEY: Were you surprised that Ms. King had a copy of the “Justice or Else” Community Planning Guide?

ROSE: No, I’m not surprised to see anybody that has been awakened.  Awakening happens like this.  It happened to me many years ago.  But when I was awakened, I could look at the trees and they began to look different.  You begin to look at things from a different perspective.  Since I was a student in school, I’ve always gone against statuesque thinking and teaching. I didn’t see how their plan of educating me would be beneficial enough to free me as an individual.  But, the education was just enough to hold me as an obedient servant in submission to the master.  The master is not going to teach you to be equal to him.  You have to learn and develop the ability to compete with him.  And fear?  Islam removes fear.  That’s why the minister can stand and talk with no fear.  Islam removes fear.  There is no fear in Islam.  I kid you not!

One thing I want people to know, we’re living in a day where sin is the prevalent thing. But, that’s not it.  It’s where you’re standing now.  That’s why it’s called the day of decision.  Do you stand on the side of the rich?  Or do you stand on the side of the poor?  Every scripture that I’ve read, God, Jesus and everybody will come back and be on the side of the poor.  Then I ask people today do they think that they would feel okay standing with the people with the guns, **** and drones? Or the ones with the **** belt? You’ve got to make a decision!

HACKLEY: I won’t touch that one.

I notice that when you talk about the liberation of self, you don’t put in context with  white people.

ROSE: There’s white people who are resurrected and no longer want to be a part of their own because they said it was wrong.  There were white churches at the meeting standing with us, or at least doing a pretty good job of acting like it. Yes, they were there.  They know that who is in charge of the world and the strongest country on earth will stop at nothing to rule. The next world ruler will be Satan and people don’t understand that!

We are in the essence of being the next world ruler. And who is that?  Go into scripture, their own scripture.  Satan!  He will stand up as the most high God.  He will influence nine tenths of the world’s civilization before the end comes. The end of this world has been predicted and has been told the beginning of another.  I say we leave it in the end day now because nothing can be swept under the rug. Homosexuality, boom!  Racism, boom!  You can’t put it under the rug anymore.  It won’t leave here until it’s solved.

HACKLEY: Speaking of being swept under the rug, the history of the Indians. What was the Indian’s involvement in the Million Man March?

ROSE: The Indians, my brothers, the red men were very profound. A leaders got up and spoke about how they’ve been portrayed and the enemy and how their land was taken away and also stressed that the black and the brown that they are the only people that he allowed on his land and the others had to get out.  I liked that part when he said that.  He said they’re not welcomed here anymore.

HACKLEY: I learned from personal experience that many local Indians in the Fort Wayne and Columbia City area don’t necessarily want anything to do with local blacks.

ROSE: It’s like this. Conditioning also took place with the Indians. There was a whole lot of black people who wanted nothing to do with the March no matter how many of their children get mowed down in the street. That’s because their minds have been whitewashed and can’t see the significance.  They’re blind, deaf and dumb to the reality of the facts.

The objective of the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March was to unite a coalition of people, not just one or two but a coalition.  We had Palestinians there that spoke. Mexicans spoke. Lots of women were there and they spoke proudly.  It was a coalition like never before.

I went to the Million Man March to represent the people of Fort Wayne, whether they wanted me too or not.  I’ve got grandchildren and great grandchildren and I don’t want to see them murdered in the street.

Right now the black man is in trouble. If he throws his hands up, they’ll shoot him. If he’s lying down, they’ll shoot him. If he runs away, they’ll shoot him. If he gives up and goes to jail, they **** him.

What are we going to do? Are we going to stand up for “Justice or Else?”  You’ve got to stand up for this here.  If it means dying for it, then you die for something. You’re going to die anyway.  Yes, you’re going to die and the younger generation is going to take over this.  At least they can say Brother Hackley died for something.

HACKLEY: But Brother Hackley is not ready to go yet.

ROSE: Nobody is when that time comes.

HACKLEY: What message do you want to leave with Fort Wayne pastors and people of Fort Wayne to re-awaken them?

ROSE: Study the origin of your religion. And, the origin of other religions. Study how you get Christianity as a religion. When you do that, you’ll find out that this was something forced on you.  It wasn’t something you chose on your own. Alex Haley said seven out of ten of those brought over here were Muslim.

The video link to this interview is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nf9Oeqkvj7I.

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