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playettes are gonna play...then get caught Posted on 07-12-2004

never say somebodys name unless its absolutely necessary, girl
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~Q*Killa~ replied on 07-14-2004 12:36AM [Reply]
I think that's a lil harsh buuut maybe cuz I'm just scatter brained and forget people's name all the time. Hell I forget my email addy all the time and it's nothin but my first and middle name. But, I guess. I mean I've done it before but nobody ever got that upset. Maybe it's because I was dealin with a Shon and a Shaun and a Tae who's middle name was Sean all at the same time and it really didnt matter..... :arrow:
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replied on 07-14-2004 12:55AM [Reply]
dagg. i know how u definitely feelin on this One. and it's like as soon as u ready to cut all of the otha people loose and get serious, somethin happenz to mess it up. I know he was ****, even thougH u onLy called him that on the pHone. i hate that..when it's not even like u called him that durin a serious situation. I understand he's hurt, but it's only been three weeks so he needs to calm down. but i feel u should have turned in ya playa cards if you thought he was fa real about being true to u and making u his gyrl.
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j from rockville, MD replied on 07-14-2004 03:34PM [Reply]

he finally called me back last nite but ****wasnt the same no more we had long pauses and everything nice i was tryin to say he thought i was talkin bout that chris guy i asked him to drop it but he wouldnt....b4 all this happened i always used to ask him dumb questions like u no who i love right and my answer would always b me.....but last nite he wasnt playin along and he answered chris that ****got me so ****.......i asked him y he was so distant he didnt answer.....every question i asked him he either didnt answer or jst ignored it so i stopped talking then he asked me y i stopped talkin i told him and he jst said..oh....for an hour things were like thet were but then i asked him to finish this phrase that he was tryin to tell me since sat and he jst said he doesn tell that phrase jst to any1 so that was a smack in my face then he started on the name thing again and e told me how i disrespected him and ****i was like you talkin to a grl that forgets her own name time to time its not my fault i jumble names all the time jump to the next hour we were talkin bout the day we first met(actually he dnt remember nuttin) and he was like do u think it was a coincidence that we met i was like no e was like o then i asked him if he was happy that he met me and he responded by sayin....i dnt no anymore....another blow to my face finally around 3:40 am he got tired of talkin to me and went to sleep alls i no is if he keeps on actin like this i'll jst be his friend and move on cuz this ****is annoyin....
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truthBtold replied on 07-14-2004 04:06PM [Reply]
strawberryz04 wrote:
dagg. i know how u definitely feelin on this One. and it's like as soon as u ready to cut all of the otha people loose and get serious, somethin happenz to mess it up.
OMG yes, this kinda happened to me too, I was talking 2 dudes at the same time because i was trying to see which one was gonna get serious, and when i finally chose which one i reallyy wanted to be with, it got messed up because they knew each other (thats where i messed up), so guy 1 was telling guy 2 about how we were supposed to hang out the next day. but i had already decided to just be friends with guy 1 , so when i called guy 2 he was like "what are u supposed to be doing today?" like he knew i was supposed to kick it with the other guy, but i just told him like "oh well i was gonna kick it with blah blah but i dont want to" but even though i was honset with him i think that was the beginning of the end, caz he got hurt. But im not understanding because it was still the beginning stages of the relationship, but i cant talk caz i probable would have been mad if it had been me.
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replied on 07-14-2004 04:34PM [Reply]
Just tighten up the game 8) Ok..before I was on lock I had a little game in my. First off it seems like you feel for the new guy too quick. I would have always gave each person the amount of time they deserve. For example you mentioned you chose the new guy over a date with an old swing. Now don't get me wrong if somebody was slacking then their status is bumped down. But you straight dissed the dudes for the new one before you even got to see what he was all about. Hence the cuss out with the slip up. In my book the old guy would have had the date and the new guy would have had to pick a new date. Same thing applies to phone conversation. It looks real suspect if you change your habits abruptly.....its almost a warning sign....so u must be consistent. Dang given away the secrets...oh well I don't need them for the time being.
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j from rockville, MD replied on 07-14-2004 04:50PM [Reply]

the old guy and the new guy call themselves exactly the same thing jb;(1 is joe the other is jeremy) ; so i had no prob there the 1 jb was umm how do u put it trifflin and more he stood me up on our 1 date and he was suppose to come chill with me on his b-day but instead he got **** so i stopped callin him it took him more then a month to call me but i wasnt gonna take him back. the 2 jb is very i mean very sensitive and i already told him bout the 1 jb and everythin was cool and he thought i had a man when i met him but i told him no the first time we met but i guess he didnt beleive me.......and like i said b4 if he's still actin up i'll b his friend or nuttin at all; chris was another guy i met b4 i met the 2 jb and he had called me that same day askin me to go out with him so i was jst thinkin bout him and his name jst slipped out thats wut basically happened
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lostsquishy replied on 07-15-2004 01:31PM [Reply]
I've done that....lol....I just try to say stuff like dear, baby, and sweetie unless I'm POSITIVE that the name comin out my mouth is my bf's... Not that I've been playing around or anything... 8) :arrow:
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