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Love is a Verb Posted on 07-15-2004

My and my boyfriend where talking last night about certain couple we know when things turned on us. I tried to explain something to him by using us as example (I talked about the night he first told me he loved me like a year ago) when he said something about "you don't understand the first thing about my love." :evil: Well I got upset, cussed and fussed and allowed him to explain himself. After he did and I understood what exactly he was talking about, he goes on to explain that if someone loves you, you should be able to tell it. Love is a verb not a thing and you show someone you love them and they should be able to see it without you EVER telling them. So my question is Do you consider Love a verb - something you do (showing your love) or do you consider it a noun - that love can be objectified (giving someone your heart)
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prettypoet8804 from Hayward, CA replied on 07-15-2004 10:09PM [Reply]

love is most definitely a verb. how am i to know you've "given me your heart" if you never SHOW it. you have to do whatever it is you do to show people that you love them (cause different people do different things, of course). actions will always speak louder than words.
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oOoDazzlingDanceroOo replied on 07-15-2004 11:12PM [Reply]
Love is most definately a verb to me. 8)
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~Q*Killa~ replied on 07-16-2004 12:21AM [Reply]
Verb no doubt. Actions speak louder than words. Cliche yes, but true none the less.
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EkWoah replied on 07-16-2004 05:28AM [Reply]
its an adjective :twisted:
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replied on 07-16-2004 02:54PM [Reply]
well i think the word love is a verb how it be expressed
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In Rod We Trust replied on 07-16-2004 07:02PM [Reply]
its a preposition....
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replied on 07-26-2004 10:22PM [Reply]
love has many contexts. but with my experiences it is a verb, because how do you know if a person loves u if they dont show it.
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Poody replied on 07-26-2004 10:22PM [Reply]
it's a compound
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ManifestDSTiny33 replied on 07-26-2004 10:24PM [Reply]
conjunction-junction what's your function? naw but for real.. I think it is both (I luv you.. I am IN love w/ you)
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