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TO ALL MY THOROUGH MAMIZ Posted on 08-02-2004

You hear that fellaz? That's the sound of the realest MCs, my thorough mamiz The MC Lytes and the YoYos whose rhymes birthed mine Those femme fatales so natural Brings a tear to my eye when I realize The burdens they bear are synonymous with mine The menstrual cramps that pillage and plunder The spirits that rip the skies apart like thunder To all my thorough mamiz holdin it down To all my Black queens, wear them crowns, no frowns For those are the dressings left behind by the messings that queens past, present, and yet to be coronated endure To all my thorough mamiz whose tears so pure could cure the uncureable Whose evil glares and get back stares could break the unbrakeable, fake the unfakeable, and shake the unshakeable My thorough mamiz To the bario ****, Hispania queens, so mean as a means of survival 'Cause let's face it ladies Those n i g g a s couldn't survive the lives we gave them if it wasn't for our tender touch, our trust, our love To all my thorough mamiz, behind me and in front Whose burdens are synonymous to mine Our place: right here our time: right now When, where, and how will the revolution create a space for me and my sisters? To all my thorough mamiz on dem reefuz The Nikki Giovannis and the Queen Latifahs The Missys, the Frees, even the wannabez Fellaz, y'all know where y'all could find me Marchin through the boroughs to some tight **** beats TO ALL MY THOROUGH MAMIZ!!!!!!!!
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replied on 08-03-2004 01:21AM [Reply]
That waz sooooo hott.....u kilt it..nuff said!!!!
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In Rod We Trust replied on 08-03-2004 11:53PM [Reply]
somewhere in there the pentameter (or sumthing...i think I'm right) was ridiculous....this was tight
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replied on 07-13-2005 11:19PM [Reply]
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