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DO You Know ME Posted on 08-07-2004

~Do You Know Me? SoulChild, Sweet, Cute, Fun, Loveable, Loving, Careing Only For The things that have called for Concern, Compassionate, Adventerous, Determined, Motivated to Motivate and Still Motivating, Kind, Sensitive, Emotional, Mission is To Be Successful, Confiding in the unConfident to Lift Confidence to Confidential, Goal in life is to Spread The Word of GOD, Intelligent, Wildout, Goal Oriented, Silly, Never Ending positive spirit to reach and effect the negative repent and remission the sins and Bring Forth New Life to be a LIVING Sacrifice to God. For I AM More than a Conqueror Unto JESUS CHRIST..... I CAN & Will Do All Things In Which He Strenghthens Me With & or Without You THROUGH MY TRANSITION. ~Do You Care? That I am not Concerned with whether you are with him or her or she or he or me or I or them or If WE but about your spiritual well being..........See Under Flesh There's veins, and muscles, and organs and arteries, FLESH You Pinch me i React, You Hit me I react, You Punch, Slap, Or bruise Me I react But Your actions hurt me more than a pinch, hit or slap, It's like you've taken a shotgun and pointed it directly to my heart and Shot Me But instead of me Dieing on Impact, I die Slowly, and as every Organ In my body SHUTS DOWN, The Mind is always left to the last and The Last thing that I thought about Was My Past, The Hurt, The Pain, The Struggle, The Torment, the Torture, & Now Finally The Things You Did & Said that led to This very moment I dont mean to put you on some guilt trip or please don't be in a hurry to pull the trigger but I have on dieing question? What Did I ever Do to you to make you ignite this lighter that you have inside of yourself and burn this black candle that represents death.... Death of a Friendship, Death of Love, Death of Emotions, Death of Life, Death of MY Life? ~Do You Know Me? Do You Care? That I Don't Care, About You, About Us, About She, About Him, About Them, About We, But I Care About ME! So much that I'm not gonna continue to let your jealousy, negativity, or envy, Get in the way of my direction or Blind my eyes to the point that i can't see that their are plenty others out there who are going to love me for me, My Eyes, My Hips, My Thighs, My hair, My Color, My Ears, My nose, My Body, My Booty, My Breasts, This Flesh & the qualities, cares, concerns, defects, faults, standards, & priorities that Come Along with me. So Say no More!!! Go head & pull the Trigger Cause once I'm gone I dont come back For no one No matter how rich or strong your claim to Love me May HAVE BEEN. But You can't hurt me no matter how slow the cause of death may be Because I DONT LIVE ON FLESH I LIVE By THE SPIRIT. & the Spirit Is Within my Soul & Once Im Gone you can pull and rip my flesh apart but one thing you cant touch Nor will You ever Find is My SOUL because I have Gone On to The Kingdom of God to be W/ My Father. Do You know me? Do you Care? I Don't have to draw a conclusion or even analyze this situation.........Obviously You Don't Know ME....... NORE DO YOU CARE
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