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Thoughts, Emotions, and Questions Posted on 08-07-2004

If something messed up the moment would you still own it. When everything is being drawn to someone elses attention. Its Like..... a Cow with no milk, faucet with no water, organsim with no oragns, Oragan with no tissues, Tissues with no cells, Car with no wheels, Human with no life, or Life with no existence,..... Existence to actually be alive on earth and visible to everyone else and every other creature. Existing by being reborn again into the crucifixion of Jesus Christ so that past sins can be washed and remissioned and now come from the blood and breathe again I tell you the feeling is something more better than any orgasm from a male or female gender can every give ya... This expression of my faith and the love of my Sviour this life is something more valuable than any possesion you could ever touch BUT..... So many are up from the burning pits of hell because of the resistent mind frame of not recognizing that before you can have a heaven you have to have a hell for nothing can exist without its opposite..... wealthy to poor, tall to short, right to wrong, up to down, and Yes they are correct there is no in between. Its 1 or another...... all or nothing..... Whats your Choice? We remain phased by other peoples judegemtns and opnions about us yet wonder why we never get anywhere we are scared to walk through an open door because people pass judgement on the way we walk... Scared to voice our own opinion because the intensity of the "wannabe" and "know it all" demons lurk right before our own speech and as soon as we open our mouth's------- Cat's got your tongue.... You were going to say something?......... Held back by force forever Procrastinating.. WHen can we all learn to be our own people...... Freedom of Expression.... Blacks quick to call a white a wigga or fake BLEEP cause they got they caps twisted jeans to there knees and shirt to their ankles and because they go around rapping every song in the book then wanna call em trailor park trash wehn they dont even live ina trailor.... Degracing... How can you judge them when you have your own problems........ White quick to call a black a BLEEP cause we crossed their path and offended them in some way... or just because their skin is a lot darker than their's... Answer me one question.... Why do you tan? Bringing forth the element of Segregation that alot of our ancestors faught so hard to get rid of..... Doesn't it seem that the world is turning back in time? And lord knows thats the last thing that needs to happen cause face reality... our generation is Lost......... Freedom of Expression to be our own people to walk down a street w/ hot piunk, orange, red, black, and yellow and your hair out and Music blastin and someone say...... that cat is different... that's hot I'm feeling that....... Yet the world has been drawn into some type of guerilla warfare where as if you dont own a pair of tims airforce ones or Stilleto boots then you aint nothing...... Got our children striving to be like all the rest they see the outside but no one explains to them the struggle that particular person went through to be who they are or get where they are....... If our generation is like this now..... How will the next genreation be?........ And Personally I dont want my child to be like anyone but the person God will mold him to be.. Caught between choices when peple pressure him to give up his V- card..... Lay down his innocense to every Curious girl he see's or feels the need to get off with... this is the world we are living in Face it..... You cant erase it.... The world is scarred screaming for change but no one recieves to embark on the action to actually fix it....... Makes me wonder what we'de be like is Martin Luthing King Hr. was still Living...... The freedom to Freedom of Expression without getting caught up with the thoughts of others..... No one has to explain or tell me twice that i'm cute or nice I have the freedom of Expression to Confess and Express to you that in the way I walk, talk, or even think Imma still be me reguardless of the judegement you try to frame me with....... We see the problem but hide it with a smile like everything is cool and Kosher.... makes me Laugh cause its bogus.. I wonder if god knew the world would be such a Mess and as Pitiful as it is Why ever create it?... But he works Mysteriously... Accept the Aspect and keep Living...........
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