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Wait For the Lord Posted on 08-07-2004

You Rush, You sit around pacing from day to day waiting for someone or something to come and relieve you of all your problems. Trials have stopped by, but instead of leaving, they've unpacked their bags and settled for an unexpected stay. They are the housekeepers of your life and they've made your bed w/ all kinds of troubles and now you have to lie(lay) in it. You Get no sleep and everyone can tell because the bag's under your eyes makes it look like you've been in some type of war or something and you've struggled just to see this very hour. You cry and you feel as though no human or earthly body can hear or has heard you rather they see you and glance but dont bother to ask if your alright. Your standing in a rushing river full of confusion and negativity screaming for help from anyone who may answer your desperate cries, but no matter how loud you get no one can hear you and as the minutes turn to hours no ever shows up. So..... you look around to see if their are any stones you can step on or branches you can hang on or climb on to pull you out but then you realize... YOUR STUCK. Your hurting on the inside & it feels like some type of disease is affecting you and an excruciating pain has taken over your mind, heart soul and spirit but everywhere you look you can't seem to find the right medicine to cure it, and since you've overdosed with the medicines PEOPLE have recommended to you previously... your now deeper into the river than you were before. But Why? Why is it that when you try to do so right that's when the stroms seems that it's time to confront you? Why is that when the sun comes to shine on a brand new day, the rain has to come and ruin it? Why is it that when you've stepped your foot through an opened door & it seems that your starting to go somewhere that something is always thrown at you to stop you in your tracks? It seems that you've done everything and sno one else has.. Haha You've done everything and no one else has and now your stuck and calling on the Lord impatiently in your darkest hour waiting on a miracle to save you from drowning. Why is it that YOU only call his name when your in need? or when your times are getting hard and you can't find your way out. But you never thank him when the sun IS shining.. You never stop to say "Lord I thank you in ADVANCE for what you have in store for me". Now..... YOUR STUCK. Another ONE of the MILLIONS of times that your calling on the Lord ONLY when you need him. Think about it.... The Lord waits PATIENTLY for you to call him when YOU need him... But you CANT wait patiently on him to help you through your storm. The Bible says that for in the time of trouble that god will never leave nore forsake you. So know that when God says he's going to do something he will do it. it may not be when YOU want it to be but he will complete his work in the time that HE see's fit for it to be completed. Hebrews 12:2-3 says Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author & Perfector of our faith who for the joy set before him endured the cross scorning its shame and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God, Consider Him who endured such opposition from sinful men so that you will not grow Weary & Lose Heart. So know that you should not forget through your trials, your storms, your sins, and your troubles that Jesus beared the cross for everything. Not only that you may have eternal life.. but also that you may have a guide to show you the path you should take. A friend who you can talk and look up to in your time of trouble, and a comforter to console you and ease your pain when no one else is their to tell you that its going to be alright. because God is all the medicine that you need..... For you have to understand that God has a plan for everyones Success, but until you wait patiently for his word, until you wait patiently for him to speak to you, until you wait patiently on his never ending love & guidance, untill you wait patiently For the Lord. you will CONTINUE to be blinded by the Grips of the earth.
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