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GROW OUT YOUR RELAXER Posted on 08-09-2004

Ladies Im growing out my relaxer (almost there) and it is the best thing possible for your hair. I knows relaxing give managibility.....but trust it is so good to be natural
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IgnoranceIsBliss from Dallas, TX replied on 08-09-2004 03:41PM [Reply]

How do you healthfully grow out a perm. I'm think about going back natural. But I don't want to have to cut all my hair off.
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replied on 08-09-2004 03:48PM [Reply]
I tried going natural for 8 weeks...then I got a perm. I saw this lady try to grow out a perm....I was at the hair dresser and she came in to get all her hair cut off because she washed her hair put conditioner in it without combing...the conditioner matted her hair so she had to get it cut. I may go natural later on in life...or when I get pregnant...but as for now I'm definitely dyed and cutely chemicaled.
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IgnoranceIsBliss from Dallas, TX replied on 08-09-2004 04:43PM [Reply]

I'm a perm and color addict myself especially since I love cosmetology. But my mom put a perm on my hair at a young age so I really didn't have a choice. I thought you were supposed to get perms, it's just what black women were supposed to do. But I really want to go back natural.
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starsuga82 replied on 08-09-2004 07:22PM [Reply]
Megan, I say do you, I did relaxers in my hair until about two years ago. Going natural is just as much work as maintaining a perm. Now when I first started to grow my hair out I cut all of my hair off after growing it about two to three inches out. Then I got these cute little twists they were like baby locs. After my hair started to grow I wore wigs, half wigs, fros, twists w/ the help of beeswax, all types of braids (for example cornrow your hair into a ponytail, then add a curly ponytail), now my hair is long enough to put in a ponytail and I just got it colored. Hope this helps. peace
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jadekiss replied on 08-09-2004 08:22PM [Reply]
I ain't got time right now to experiement. I have a system right now that works for me, and when I get time I'll do it. I saw this girl with the prettiest little afro, garsh I wanted to do it sooooo bad. But I can't..
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truthBtold replied on 08-09-2004 08:58PM [Reply]
man i been getting a relaxer since i can remember, im talking bout age 5, caz my hair is thicker than life and it was down my back before i cut it to shoulder length just so my arms wouldnt be burning everytime i try to put it up. Man, even when i do get a relaxer my hair is still too much to handle, so im scared that if i stop getting relaxers, my arms will fall of.
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prettypoet8804 from Hayward, CA replied on 08-09-2004 09:40PM [Reply]

i'm bout to go natural myself. my method is going to be to get my hair braided up about every six weeks or so for six months and then cut off all the permed hair after that time period. i don't know what your reasons are for going natural though. i just have to do it for me.
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Afro-American replied on 08-09-2004 09:51PM [Reply]
well my mom being the good woman that she is, didnt put a relaxer into my hair until i was 9 because she wanted me to feel for a good long while how my natural hair felt and how it grew and whatnot, so i could make an honest decision on whether i wanted a relaxer or not...i decided on the relaxer at 9 and at first it was all good and whatnot, but then i couldnt ever get waves,or natural curls or make a fluffy ponytail like i used to, and it was all limp with no spirit and the fun wore off...so to make a long story short, my mom helped me cut off all my hair to about 1/2 inch i think about 1-2 months before I went to Howard so I could start over again and being almost bald was really liberating especially how people treat you, especially guys, because they make a much bigger deal about hair than women lol, and ive loved the natural look ever since.....but yeah i hate it when black mothers dont let their children experience their OWN natural hair for awhile and relax when they are almost toddlers....even saw a freaking 3 year old with relaxed hair *smh...and i was even shocked to know some girls had never known what their hair feels like(im not talking about new growth from relaxers either) and its a shame ...but damnit my child is gonna choose a relaxer if she wants though imma be sooo against it lol
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replied on 08-09-2004 09:57PM [Reply]
Maybe it's just me....but growing my relaxer out was easy. Maybe that's because I shoulda never gotten one in the first place. :? I've been "relaxer-less" for close to 2 years and I absolutely love it...yeah it's hard work, but my hair is so much more beautiful today than it was 1.5 years ago.
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