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Is Senior Year What Chu Though It'd Be Posted on 04-01-2003

Senior year is horrible for me
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replied on 04-01-2003 04:06PM [Reply]
Senior year is garbage :evil: Freshman year was the best year for me. I had a lot of fun and it was STRESS free. Now it seems like all the teachers wait until the year is almost over with before they want to pile on "busy" work and it doesn't even relate to anything. All the activities they used to have for seniors were banned this year (go figure) so now its like we just have to sit around and wait...... Half the time I dont even go anyway, but senior year is definently not what it was cracked up to be. Most of my memories will come from previous years :?
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lay_d_wit_class replied on 04-01-2003 07:58PM [Reply]
i must agree that the best part about being a senior is that you finally get to move out and start a life of your own without people breathing down your neck. but basically i hate my senior year. nothing fun has really happened for me. now freshman year was tha ****. i've never had so much fun in my life. but i guess you have to make things how u want them. i know all my senior year i've practically been filling out scholarships that i more than likely won't get, but that is besides the point :wink:
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replied on 04-03-2003 03:14PM [Reply]
I knew this last year would be garbage and it is so I'm not trippin over it
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PYT2003 replied on 04-04-2003 08:16PM [Reply]
I hate Senior Year- Its trash- Its boring ... The teachers are still trippin given homework like school isn't over- But I can't complain I'll be gone in 30 days!! Then I'll holla at Howard!! You Know!!
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replied on 04-04-2003 08:38PM [Reply]
Senior year has to be the worst year of all 4. Whoever said that high school is suppose to be the best years of your life, must have meant back during the 80's or something. Im glad it went by so fast but it was just ridiculous.
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replied on 04-04-2003 10:15PM [Reply]
[venting] hell no it's not....they craking down on senioritis **** @ these **** **** teachers writing assignments on the chalkboard! (except my English teacher....gotta pass that one. ) i'll do.... - Major Projects - most homework assignments to a "C" - leave books at home/locker. fukk a pen, ****. [/venting]
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Afro-American replied on 04-05-2003 12:34PM [Reply]
OH my god, I love senior year...its the greatest... heres my lowdown i guess I got 2 band classes(jazz and ensemble which is tight--two different styles of music) and taking journalism as a class(and we do nothing in that class but write news stories for the school paper which only takes about a week to complete the whole thing so the rest of the time we eat and watch tv.... -I got a senior foods class in the morning--so i get to cook and eat my -breakfast as a grade lol -and i got AP english and we do nothing in that class either but discuss and read and a trig/pre calc class where the teacher is so understanding..so classes are great -im an officer in marching band just a higher rank this year so i was so -totally respected in band and got to represent my section everywhere... -im single so i dont have to worry about having ties to anyone going to college -I get to speak at graduation and be honored at honor's night -I get to make a speech at our band banquet lol(well every senior does but its the senior's special night, so we get everything special that night) -working at my first job ever was tight but maybe im just optimistic but even though i hate my high school i love the leniency and freedom they give the seniors who have worked hard throughout their years at the HS...cause i mean freshman/sophmore/junior year i was loaded down with 4 advanced/honors/AP courses, and 2 electives(state requirement)..and i slept during my first 3 years there at about 2 in the morning..this year i get to sleep any time i want to because i dont have any hard stuff/time consuming stuff to do/but that will all change at howard University--oh well time to get my coffee again
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wanabme03 replied on 04-05-2003 06:04PM [Reply]
really theres on need in complaining now cause its almost over, but when I think about you senior year, I think about all the parties, lunch waves and people I know. My year has been cool! I'm currently number 3 in my class, I was PMGA Queen, my boyfriend was King, I was sick at my prom but I will be ok cause I have my boyfriends to go to and act a fool at, I'm a delteen which exposed me to people that I thought I wouldn't like but now I do, I'm an escort for Botillion and now I know how to waltz, not to mention this wonderful young man I have grown to know and love!! Now I'm just waiting on graduation day> In conclusion, I really didn't expect anything, I just took it as it came and enjoyed it cause its my only one. Gotta get ready for a party, HOLLA! 8) :lol: :twisted:
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In Rod We Trust replied on 04-05-2003 09:09PM [Reply]
If anybody say senior year at CCHS was off tha chain, they are lying. Only thing that was tight this year was the wildcats taking it to the DOME!! But other than that the first semester went by fast but this last semester is going by so slow, we just getting to spring break next week :x I tell you I think all of the teachers got together and said okay lets do some big projects and make them due on the same day. Man I can not wait to step up in Savannah State University, because I know that my senior year there will be off the chain. Only got until May 23 and I will walk across that stage and then nobody will can tell me nothing.
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