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Whats Good with FAMU??? Posted on 08-21-2004

houston, TX
I want to know everything about FAMU. The good and the bad!
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AfroPoeticSista replied on 09-06-2004 09:32PM [Reply]
:arrow: 1. Go to the website & look through it :arrow: 2, Go to your local library & research it :arrow: 3. Try visiting the MEAC website & checking the forums. :arrow: 4. Try looking through the "HBCU Registry" on this site and "HBCU Yearbook", and start up some correspondence from people who go there. :arrow: 5.If u have patience, write the school for the basic information often sent through the mail to prospective students.Key word is PATIENCE...black folks are slow, u kno that already :arrow: 6.If you have the money, arrange to visit FAMU during one of the dozens of Black College Tours given every year. Check within your community and surrounding communities for information about those(they run between $200-600, but u get to visit several schools from anywhere between 3 and 11 days. Visiting a school is the best way to learn about it. :arrow: . Go to this site's search engine and look through PREVIOUS topics written about FAMU....there are several..... THE AFOREMENTIONED ADVICE APPLIES FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO KNOW ABOUT A COLLEGE! IF ITS AN HBCU, SOMEONE HAS PROBABLY ALREADY STARTED A TOPIC ABOUT IT. I was @ FAMU for a band camp this summer, so private message me for specific information keeping the latter statement in mind, i don't think i will cause any ruckus by locking this post
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