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About this so called "War on Iraq" Posted on 04-03-2003

Alright people hear me out right quick..... now I been trying to analyze this Lil War on Iraq Business or what not I wanna know few things... #1-Why are we fighting a country because of one family? #2-Why is the US Finna Make America Pay Big Bucks to REBUILD Basically an entire country AFTER they've just detroyed it for practically no reason when we can't even pay off our own National Debt.... KNOWING that that's only gonna leave us more DEEPER into Debt than we already Are. We have schools and other things that are struggling all over america and we can't even pay for our own stuff. (prime Example before you go and start trying to rebuild a country why dont you put that money into saving Some HBCU's exi. Morris Brown) #3-Have ya'll heard that they think Oh Sadam whoslains is Dead?...... ok Number one if he keeps saying that he's going to make appearances and then never shows up then wouldn't you think something is up? Prime Example Tuesday night eh was supposed to Make an appearance on t.v THE MAN NEVER SHOWED UP instead his prime minister or something showed up? Can Someone shed the light for me....... Do Yall Feel me On this?
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replied on 04-03-2003 02:04PM [Reply]
Soulchild, i dont know what to say to you. All i can think of what grounds is this war based on. no one can honestly answer that and Bush wont honestly answer that for his own sake. The thing that gets me about this war, is the fact he never plain out said this is why we are going to war. it was more like we will be going into Operation Iraqi Freedom within the next few hours. WTF!! All I can think of is The Great Depression part 2.
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replied on 04-03-2003 06:59PM [Reply]
Thank you I mean when was they day he was gonan let us know ahead of time. I Don't like Pres.Bush because what he says goes he aint worried about This Nation.... He worried about that he gets to go and to see a war in 2003 before he dies....... Now Tell me what would he do If All The U.S armed forces said I had enough or All the Iraqi people said I've had enough then wehat he gonna do... all he can do is get mad case aint no one listening to him.
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