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Controlling Boyfriends Posted on 08-30-2004

have anyone ever had a boyfriend that always tried to run their lives. I f so share with me . give me some insight so that I will know what it is I need to do about mine.
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Kinkee replied on 08-30-2004 10:36PM [Reply]
Fuqq that nucca. You don't need that drama. Leave him alone.
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La replied on 08-31-2004 11:46AM [Reply]
Not exactly...There was a dude I had been talkingto for a minute last year. Well the dude, he would ALWAYS be calling me, and asking me who I would be talkin to etc...That shyt would annoy me cause he wanna know who I was talking to all the time...but I just shrugged it off and kept going. Well I eventually just left it to us being friends...no more than that cause he was frustrating me. Well one nite he stopped by my apt unannounced cause he wanted to try to make things better with us. Well this happened to be the same week as Homecoming and I had a history midterm coming up. Well this dude in my class I was cool with wanted me to study with him. To make a long story short...my friend from class called while the other dude was there. He was calling me to let me know what time to meet me at the library that following day. When ol dude found out I was talking to a guy he grabbed the phone from my ear, hung up, and basically was wilin. That there was the last straw. I cussed him out, kicked him out...and said I would never put up with anything remotely close to that again.
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