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Best year in High School Posted on 01-04-2004
Washington, DC
Well Senior year for me is not all of what its worked up to be so far to me. My best year I would have to say was last year my junior year, when we ran the school! Now this year its like things have kinda calmed down. How about you all?
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texan_gurl05 replied on 01-05-2004 12:45AM [Reply]
So far my best year has been this year my Junior year. I'm doin better in school and im gettin more involved in clubs. It just seems like this year is more fun cause i know alot more people
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In Rod We Trust replied on 01-05-2004 01:03AM [Reply]
I would have to say it was my freshmen year. Cuz that was the best SR. class. Eventho i couldnt do nothing as a freshmen...it was still fun cuz everything was so new to me. I jus wish i coulda been a tad more focused lol... :roll:
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replied on 01-05-2004 01:14AM [Reply]
Hmmm, I could list good points about every year, but overall... I'd say senior year, more specifically second semester. I finally had my GPA up, I applied to my top three schools and got in all of them, and basically did very little work. I also got initiated into the International Thespian Society, but I couldn't enjoy the benefits cause I gradumated. Freshman year: Was class vice-president Sophomore year: Did track and had an amazing time with my friends in AP Euro History; I have frightening memories from that class. I was proud of who I was. I made it through my first AP test. Junior year: Did track again, was in the Spring Play (where I played a **** actress :lol: :lol: :lol: )<-- I deserved an Academy for that one!!!, PROM!!!, I made it through another AP tests without **** myself or anyone in the process. I made a SWEET video... Wow... high school rocked. *sniff*
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1111_Saken from pine bluff, AR replied on 01-05-2004 03:17PM [Reply]
Freshman year was the best for me b/c we ran everything
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PhatAggie85 from Fort Washington, MD replied on 01-05-2004 03:27PM [Reply]

I enjoyed my senior yr tha most but since its not on the poll i picked my junior yr.Both years were my best academically and socially...I finally learned to open up to ppl and to be very open-minded about certain situations :lol:
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replied on 01-05-2004 03:54PM [Reply]
I had a great time my freshmen year, mainly because all my friends from church went to a different middle school, so we finally got to go to the same school. Plus, just having the "first" experiences (football/basketball games, dance, party, etc.) was great. :lol:
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replied on 01-05-2004 05:40PM [Reply]
its between freshman ans sophomore. freshman year, i had the most fun and met the best senior class. sophomore year i fell in love w/ my future husband even tho we had our ups and downs i think we got it right now. but yeah both of those were special to me
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replied on 01-05-2004 06:05PM [Reply]
I would have to say freshman year because thats when I met my friends that I still have to this day. And senior year wasn't all that it was cracked up to be so far. And sophmore and junior year weren't that good.
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ThatClassyGirl216 replied on 01-05-2004 07:10PM [Reply]
It's hard to choose btw my Freshman and Senior year...but I'd say Freshman year because that's when I thought that I could do anything I wanted without getting caught. I had my first real boyfriend, and my first date, and I had a lot of connections to upperclassmen to only be a freshman...and the only reason why I like Senior Year is because I met my future love of my life this year, and I get to take a college class outside of my school at the community college...other than that, senior year is a waste!
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