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ON SOME REAL LIVE POETRY S H I T Posted on 10-03-2004

I wrote this earlier tonite. I hadn't written anything in a while so I decided to share this with the fambo. ENJOI!! **** the mad lyricals Comin at you on some mad spirituals **** the rawest and the real Real talk this is how I feel I feel that I have met someone That could be my morning and mid-day suns But he runs and runs and runs From stupid Cupid's shot guns But hot ones lit his a s s up none the less I must confess I caught a bullet or two Or maybe a few All we knew was love All we wanted was kisses and hugs But nothing comes without a price A slice of strife, if one will When ill from love, I took a pill For temporary thrill Still, comtemporary ills plague the vague The difficult s h i t to figure out On some real live poetry s h i t I spout The spirituals and not the lyricals Of a real live band geek in love
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In Rod We Trust replied on 10-03-2004 03:48PM [Reply]
*four snaps and a nolia clap* that was hot, i felt the raw emotion on that one..................
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replied on 10-03-2004 04:23PM [Reply]
I'm mad@"4 snaps and a nolia clap" :lol: But yeah, was goin thru the ringer at the time and picked up my pen and did the dayum thang. But thanx. I'm glad u were feelin it. *4 snaps and a nolia clap for Kisha*
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