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LADIES....Are you normal? Posted on 01-19-2004

I was having a "discussion" with two females about waist sizes in the Whats your size post. And they argued me down that it is normal for normal females (between a size 6 and 10....thats normal to me but really its higher) to have a 22 inch waist. I dont think its is normal. So what do yall think????
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BrownSugar replied on 01-19-2004 07:20PM [Reply]
Lol, well I don't know what normal is. But I used to help my aunt do measurements for fit models (Fit models are used to determine the size of clothes to be made by a company or designer). So anyway I have gotten pretty good at figuring out approximate measurements by looking at people. I can say that in my life I have seen a handful of women with what could be close to a 22 inch waist and a 6-10 bottom. but I have to say most of those women were on the lower side of that scale . . . mostly 5-6's (had to go back and edit that, I meant to say 5 not 4). So I guess it's possible. It just may not be very common. But then again I haven't measured every woman in the United States . . . . :?
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Punk'd replied on 01-19-2004 07:27PM [Reply]
I know my stepmom, who is handsdown the most petite Black woman I know, has a 22 inch waist and I think she's a 3 or a 4. I cant remember the size I bought her 4 her brithday.
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lostsquishy replied on 01-19-2004 09:23PM [Reply]
All I have to say is that I do have a really small waist....25-26 inches..and a nice sized booty....38-39 inches...I wear size 6 or 8 jeans, but my dress/skirt size is a 2-4....I have friends who are smaller than me...but usually they booties are in proportion.
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replied on 01-19-2004 09:36PM [Reply]
I don't think that you can put a label on whats normal for a waist size. I have a small build...I wear about a 3/4. I just think if your waist is like 50+ that means the rest of your body is rather round and thats not healthy.
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mochabonnie replied on 01-19-2004 09:39PM [Reply]
Me, my waist is 24 inches and my booty is 36...but I wear sizes 1-3, depending on the cut of the clothes. (Most clothes I get a 1, but those cut small I get a 3, sometimes even a 5.) But 22 inches for a size 6 or 10...unless she has a really big (or disproportionate) booty or thighs, I don't think so. I mean, I do have a friend who's waist is like a 27 but she's thick in her thighs so she wears like a size 14...so it is possible, if she's disproportionate.
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ASU_chick08 replied on 01-19-2004 10:15PM [Reply]
I don't know if i'm normal or not i don't think i am cause my waist can be a 26 or 28 but my hips r a 39-40 plus i'm tall so my clothes never fit right either there snug in the hips booty area and looser then loose on the waist area or they don't even get past my hips... :roll: :roll: :roll: so i never win for losing i dont' think i'm in proportion at all what do yall think...
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justiFIYAHble replied on 01-19-2004 11:11PM [Reply]
MAN BUMP ALL Dem SIZE 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 9. 10. Just cuz you gotta a small waist ain't nuttin. Yeah I gotta small waist but I gotta wear a big ass 13-14 because my ass and hips are just too damn thick. Last time I got measured I was hittin about 27 waist and a 44 hip so what da hell waist gotta do wit it. I'm still a big summin and I'm cool wit it!! I just about go both wayz...out and back (back a whole helluva lot more than out) And as far as normal goes the average size that I alwayz see it most likely 9-12
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Kinkee replied on 01-19-2004 11:12PM [Reply]
I am not sure. But that gives me an idea. I may try to measure myself. :wink:
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replied on 01-19-2004 11:23PM [Reply]
yea, where i'm from "normal" is like a size 11.
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