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Cruel... Posted on 10-26-2004

U've got to to be there, yeah, thats an understatement for u. U've lost all yer love from me, And I've lost all yer love too. I never understood how I could fall in love with such a **** U made me laff, u'd make me cry, but most of all experience hurt Treat me like a princess one day Then the next you'd treat me like dirt. I opened up my heart to you But u never got to do the same. Nobody has ever made me feel this way before, Feeling so much anger and so much pain. And I'll never know how u really felt about me But you'll always know how i felt about u. Soo now I dony know exactly what to do. U played with my emotions And you broke my heart in two. My friends would always tell me you were a total waste of time But I kept tryin to convience myslef that one day You'd truly be mine. Now I stopped lyin to myself And i've realized that yer luv wasnt real but if you ever wanna holla attcha gurl... U know tha deal... IT AIINT HAPPENIN!! ~Candace~
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Princess LaRonda replied on 10-28-2004 12:57PM [Reply]
poetry is a form of expression and I can't definitely feel the messages you relayed in this piece.. nice work.... we've all been there...or will be there
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jadekiss replied on 10-31-2004 01:53AM [Reply]
::puts on her sports bra and biker shorts:: ::Gets warmed up and stretched:: AHHH.... MEN ain't SHYT! Girl that was heart touching
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